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Formal Newport Engagement Session

June 14, 2019

Glamma-Snappin’ on Bellevue Avenue and Ledge Road with a Couple of Fashionable Goofballs

photos by mariah and trish: owner team


Adriana and Andrew’s formal Newport engagement session was a practice in patience an perseverance. It took us four re-schedules to finally get an evening without rain! #aprilsuckedandsodidmay

This gorgeous, sunny evening was well worth the wait. Second treat of the night? Adriana’s fabulous dress! Stunner!


It’s funny how a random spot can turn into a great location. This is a side entrance for ground keepers at the Elms Mansion. Goes to show you, it’s all about the light!

The clothes kind of help too … oh and the extremely good looking people…


Andrew and Adriana are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding at Belle Mer. They have lots of surprises in store! It’s going to be quite a party! I’m psyched- I never have anything fun to do on New Years. Spending it with these two will be so fun.


Love this portrait. Love their serious look. Funny though, we were telling hilarious blind-date stories in-between pics!

Adriana and Andrew’s first date may have been a blind one, but it  seems to have worked out.


This is how they stroll.


A dramatic backdrop seemed in order, so we went to Ledge Road. The ocean was very cooperative. Cue the crashing waves!


And how about some golden-hour light?


These two, they seem ultra glamorous but they’re actually a couple of goofballs. Glammagoofs – totally made for each other!


And then this happened … whaaat?!


SUCH a gorgeous night, cannot wait for Adriana and Andrew’s wedding. I just know it’s going to be the BEST way we could end the 2019 season.

With these two, it’s guaranteed to be a very wild, very fashionable ride!


I really love formal engagement pics. It’s a bit of effort to organize an engagement session anyway, so why not take it all the way and be a little extra? Here’s another great EXAMPLE.

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