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A Day Wedding at The Ocean House

June 13, 2019

A Perfect September Soiree for the Birthday Girl and Boy

Lots of Love and Sunny Blue Skies For This Day Wedding at the Ocean House

Photos by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team


What kind of celebration rivals a wedding? If fortieth birthday and fiftieth birthday popped into your mind, then you guessed right! Jennifer and Fred thought …why not combine their big birthdays with their wedding at the Ocean House?!


If you also guessed that Jennifer is a glamorous girl, then you guessed that right too.


We were pretty excited to arrive and see what Jennifer would be wearing, as she was always super fashionable visiting the Snap HQ!




A beautiful way for Jennifer to have her mom with her on her wedding day.


Jennifer is stunning from every angle. She’s like an angelic rock-star.


Meanwhile, Fred was getting ready too.


His son was on hand to help, so nice!


Jennifer gave Fred socks with photos of their pup, Choco- Taco printed on them. I think it may have been his favorite part of the wedding. 🙂


Pretty convenient having The Watch Hill Chapel right across the street. It’s so fun to walk right out the front doors of the Ocean House to tie the knot!


Jennifer’s aunts walked her down the aisle.


Fred’s son gave a reading.


Happy Happy.


That photo on the left is one of my favorites. Jennifer’s veil fell out during the ceremony and without hesitating, Fred secured it back in place.

Very impressive and very gallant.




This is another favorite. It doesn’t get much more Wedding at the Ocean House, than this!

Wedding at The Ocean House


We whisked Jennifer and Fred away for a few minutes of photos after their ceremony.


As gorgeous as The Ocean House is, it’s actually very tricky to photograph portraits there. It has an incomparable, unobstructed ocean-view, but that means no trees … which means no shade … which can mean harsh light.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tricks up our lenses.


Wedding at the Ocean House


Here’s’s Fred, attending to his bride again. #fredfan


This spot to the right of the path is nice for photos. It has tall grasses which are pretty, and the sun behind Jennifer and Fred makes for soft light on their faces and glow-y light behind them.

When we pose the couple like this, we get A LOT of push back from the “Uncle Joe’s with a camera of the world,” who think the sunlight always has to be on the subject’s faces. #itsnot1970 We just go about our business and ignore them because we know we are making magic. I’m not responsible for any eye-rolling I might do though.


Wedding at the Ocean House


Making our way to cocktail hour.

Wedding at the Ocean House




A birthday cake for the birthday couple! These two do not look 40 and 50! Being madly in love really looks good on them!


The quintessential Ocean House wedding shot!

Wedding at the Ocean House


How about that blue sky?! How about Jennifer’s arms?!


Is there no end to Fred’s chivalry?!


We don’t shoot a lot of day-weddings, but I love them! Why not enjoy the whole day instead of just the last half? Jennifer and Fred know how to enjoy life and enjoy each other. I think they should have us back to the Ocean House for their 25th anniversary! They’ll be 65 and 75- how cute would that be?!

Wedding at the Ocean House


For another wedding at the Ocean House, this time a winter extravaganza… Check THIS out!

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