We believe in Authentic Photography for Real People

What sets us apart is the two-photographer team approach we’ve developed over the years. We’ve designed our style of shooting around our unique strengths. 

The key ingredient to happy, candid, heartfelt photographs is that our clients feel relaxed and comfortable. We understand that they won’t look natural if they are stressed or worried about the pictures. The Snap Team approach ensures that all our bases are covered, which makes our clients feel confident and in turn, makes all the difference in their experience the day of the wedding and in their photos. 

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My favorite photo is an image of my husband and I on our wedding day. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The photo represents so much more than our union and love for each other and our family. We loved our photographer and how comfortable and fun she made that very special day. We had such a great connection, that my husband jokingly suggested that I should ask her for a job. I quit my commercial studio photography job that Fall and went to work for my wedding photographer. I have been shooting weddings ever since that beautiful Fall day twenty years ago.

Cloud: Associate Photographer

what is your favorite photo?

A mint chocolate chip milkshake from Gray’s Ice Cream in Tiverton, RI is by far, my favorite indulgence.

what is your indulge food?

Briggs Beach, Little Compton is my happy place. Whether it is a sunny beach day with friends or a chilly beach walk with my dog, there is nothing more comforting to my soul than the ocean.

where is your happy place?

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