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Gurneys Wedding in Newport

September 5, 2019

How to keep your spirits high when it hails on your dreams {in June}

by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team


Have a Gurney’s Wedding in Newport, they say. Get married in June, they say. Well, did they also say it will hail on your June wedding and your ceremony will be blown out to sea?

‘Cause it did.

Here’s the story of how Rich and Lyssa managed to have the day of their dreams, despite the freak storm that blew through their Gurneys wedding in Newport.



Starting with some beautiful bridal accessories is always a good way to calm the inevitable storm. The getting ready portion of the day can be anxiety inducing, even when the sun is shining.

We tried to set the tone with calming colors, soft fabrics, and aromatherapy!

Champagne helps. Lots of champagne, please.


Do NOT panic when your dress will not zip. That egg roll you ate last week did not cause the wardrobe malfunction.

It’s a fabric-physics problem. Ergo, a zipper in motion tends to stay in motion.

You must tug hard and steady to get the zipper to jump over the waist seam. It gets stuck when the fabric gets thicker!

Personally I use the, back it down and then zoom-zip, before it gets caught trick. Which, by the way, I performed On Lyssa’s dress after this photo was taken.

Crisis averted.


Unfortunately, there was nothin’ a Snapper could do about the next crisis.

Hail no, it didn’t just start hailing on Lyssa’s wedding.

She’s not amused.


Plan B = Photos inside

Here’s the thing, although Lyssa planned her wedding at a venue that has it’s very own lighthouse, she does not like the nautical look.

Instead, she wanted her photos to look light and modern.

That, we can do.


The hail storm outside the window was only about a foot from these ladies during this photo-sesh. There were a lot of expletives in-between snaps. LOL


This is Lyssa and her business partner, Lauren. They own and run a social media branding company.

They love women in business.

We love them! #girlbosses


Don’t look outside. And … don’t look at your weather app.



Moving on to the Man-cessory portion of our day…

Love what Trish with the bow-tie. Clever snapper.


In Jamestown, the sun’s out for Rich and co., but what the heck is that approaching on the horizon?!

It looks like a tornado! Dear Lord!


Quick, Men, get into formation before we all get carried away.


What Might Have Been

All systems were go after the storm blew through. The outdoor ceremony was back on!

This is what the ceremony for Lyssa and Rich’s Gurneys wedding would have looked like, had the storm not circled around for a second attack.




I know Lyssa is okay seeing these photos because the inside ceremony was utterly fantastic. Also, her florist was a superhero. Gitty clung to those poles while the storm raged on, and did not let go until it was over. If not for her heroism, Lyssa’s wedding arbor would be washing up on a beach in Jamestown right now. So, props to Gitty at Botanica Wedding Flowers for acts above and beyond the call of floral duty.


Plan C – Ceremony Inside

After Gitty rescued the arbor, she moved it inside with the help of the groomsmen. Nice job, fellas.


I don’t know about you, but this indoor space looks light and modern to me; and bonus – there’s not a lighthouse in sight. 🙂


Rich could care less about the view behind him- he’s interested in the view in front of him.


Lyssa and Rich met on family cruise when they were sixteen. They happened to have a mutual friend, so they stayed in touch. They even saw each other when Rich visited Lyssa’s home town.

When they got to college, they re-connected and started dating.

True Story!


You could say, they’ve come full circle.

Oh, come on – Who made you the bad-pun police?


I love Lyssa’s dress, but no one loved Lyssa’s dress more than Lyssa! The dress had it’s own name!


Mazel tov!




Suns’ Out, Fun’s Out

Bye-bye sucky storm- time to let loose. 🙂



Lyssa, you’re stunning!




The sky was so pretty for the rest of the evening, and the light was perfection!


Cue the collective sigh of relief

Everyone relaxed!



Time for cocktails!


Keepin’ it cohesive

Light and modern from inception to reception…

The perfect Gurney’s wedding in Newport for the non-nautical bride!

short-term memories

Once the party started, everyone forgot about the HAIL that happened.


Weather got you down? Nope.


Proud parents, always a crowd pleaser.


Sometimes when life gives you crap weather, it also gives you golden hour photos.


Cakes and Calzones…

A wedding cake by Scrumptions, a birthday cake for the F.O.B., and a buffalo chicken calzone for the groom – cause why not?


The Perfect … Beginning!

Way to prove your love can weather any storm, Rich and Lyssa.

XOXO Mariah and Trish


Still worried about rain for your Newport wedding? Here’s another Stormy Wedding that ended up picture perfect!

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