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The Most Funnest Dunes Club Wedding

August 21, 2019

Looming Thunder Storms, Imploding Cakes, and a Cardboard Dog Made this Dunes Club Wedding One to Remember!

Photos by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team


But first, some pretty colors! The florals (by Sayles Livingston) were so lush, summery, colorful and matched the printed materials perfectly. How does she do it?!


Melanie had all of her sparkle laid out for us to photograph.


Bride-brows on Fleek- by Make Me Up RI.


Gorgeous Lady! We love Melanie! She has the best smile, but even more endearing is her sense of humor!


Melanie and Jim chose to have a first look so they could be part of their cocktail hour. Seeing each other for the first time is so exciting!


The front lawn with sweeping ocean views was the perfect spot for the big moment.

Dunes Club Wedding


The skies were overcast which made for great light.

Unfortunately, there were also quite a few spots of red on the Doppler and we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance the whole time we were shooting the formals.

Dunes Club Wedding


Luckily, we didn’t have to stray too far from the safety of cover!

Dunes Club Wedding


We also took a quick break to sign the ketubah which had a gorgeous illustration of the Dunes Club.


Suns out- family pics!


Lastly, a few quick photos of the bridal party. Quickly, because the guests were starting to arrive!

Dunes Club Wedding


Time to get these two married! We kept our fingers crossed for the thunder storms to stay away.

Dunes Club Wedding

Meltdown and Countdown

The kiddos were either tired or excited, which is about right where kiddos are concerned.


A bit of champagne for the bride to calm the nerves.


These two cuties made everyone laugh with an unconventional entrance!


However, Melanie entered the traditional way and was the star attraction!


You may remember Jim and Melanie from their NYYC engagement session. The infamous Ruby (M+J’s beloved poodle) was the star of that show. Unfortunately Ruby’s nerves are a little to delicate to be included in the wedding festivities. Luckily for everyone, her likeness made the event in the form of a life-size cardboard cutout. #weloveruby


Getting married under Sayles’s stunning arbor!

Dunes Club Wedding


Officially Mr and Mrs, Ruby will be so pleased!

Dunes Club Wedding



A few casual “Just Married” photos!

Dunes Club Wedding



Some fun cocktail hour details including another special appearance by Ruby on the cocktail napkins.


A few group photos with Ruby included.


Lovely reception details inside the ballroom.


Bobbleheads! 🙂



Introducing the new Mr and Mrs for a sparkly spin around the dance floor.


Next, a very enthusiastic hora!


Love this shot! Hora-larious!


A few anecdotes and well wishes for the bride and groom.


Sunset strut!


The sky was so pretty this evening. The storm (that circled but never crossed our path) made for some cool cloud action!


After the sunset we went back inside for some special dances. Aw!


Middle School Volcano Project?

So, it was a very humid day and the cake was vegan. That combo caused this to happen …

We love that Melanie and Jim were not phased by nature’s demolition of their wedding cake. Awesome wedding planners (Leila Ryan Events) and the staff at the Dune’s club did some damage control and then Melanie and Jim jumped right in and enjoyed their cake cutting like it was no big deal. The cake was moist and delicious, which probably eased the pain of the toppling.


Getting the party started with Clockwork Boston Band! Melanie and Jim know how to set the tone!


Melanie and Jim’s good friends even performed a number with the band – Rollin’ Rollin’ Roland on the River! LOL It was fantastic!


Of course, Ruby hit the dance floor as well.


Some people took hitting the dance floor literally. LOL


It was a wild and fun night! Despite a few little hiccups early on, it was smooth sailing into the evening for Melanie and Jim because they had the dream team of wedding planners (Sarah and Katie of Leila Ryan Events) on hand to iron it all out. Sarah and Katie wrangled flower girls, reattached veils, bustled dresses, and spackled cakes! Is there no end to their talents?

Melanie and Jim, You guys are one of a kind. We miss you already. Thank you for such a fun night. Tell Ruby we love her, she’s fabulous! XOXO Mariah and Trish

behind the snaps

It’s been a while since I posted a behind the snaps, but I couldn’t resist as our team was so awesome!

On hand to help us document the day were Meg and Dave of Meg Simone Wedding Films!

Also on board –  Sayles Livingston, Leila Ryan Events, Clockwork Boston, and the staff at the Dunes Club!

  1. I seriously can’t even begin to comment on how awesome all of this is!!!! A) Because you take the time to provide the play by play allowing us to relive the entire experience through these STUNNING images. B) This entire crew had contagious personalities, shining through with each “snap” and C) You did a “Behind The Scenes” that melted my heart. WE LOVE WORKING WITH YOU <3

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