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NYC Neighborhood Engagement Session

May 21, 2019

Otherwise know as the day two photographers terrorized a fragile poodle

Photos and Terrorizing by Mariah and Trish : Owner Team

We were a party of five … four of us had a lot of fun at Melanie and Jim’s NYC neighborhood engagement session; one of us most certainly did not.

Take one guess who… hint the one who looks least relaxed in this photo.

NYC neighborhood engagement session

Meet Ruby, Melanie’s baby. Ruby is a momma’s girl thru and thru. She can’t stand to be parted from Melanie and keeps {one} watchful eye on her at all time. Yes, little Ruby is sight-impaired. She only has one eye, but what she lacks in peripheral vision, she makes up for in hairstyles.

Things started out okay, we went for a leisurely walk to the park and took a few family portraits. That was nice. Look at Ruby’s little paw… so cute!

Right after that photo was taken… things got intense. Some evil monster had the bright idea that we should separate Ruby from her parents. Trish offered to hold her leash while I took some photos of just Jim and Melanie. BIG MISTAKE. Although Ruby was only about 10 feet away- it was 11 feet too many. She started screaming bloody murder. People in the park thought Trish was killing her.

The photo below is a shot of Melanie and Jim consoling her after her “episode.”

Needless to say, we swung back to Jim and Melanie’s apartment to drop Ruby off. She needed to lie down and compose herself.

After, we went on our merry way for a little tour of Melanie and Jim’s neighborhood, sans hysterical poodle.

NYC neighborhhod engagement session

This is a spot that holds special meaning… the local watering hole! The scene of the crime! Melanie’s brother is a regular there and so is Jim. In fact, their photos are hanging on the wall. Apparently this is an honor bestowed upon those who consume 500 Guinesses. Cheers!

Melanie’s brother thought Jim should meet his sister and the rest is history… like a dead poet LOL!

NYC neighborhood engagement session

I call this … love strolling.

We ended our tour in the very spot that Jim popped the question, outside the NY Historical Society! More history! These guys are going down in Snap history as having the smallest dog with the biggest personality!

Can’t wait for their wedding this June at the Dunes Club. Ruby won’t be there, we’ve traumatized her enough, but Leila Ryan Events will be there and that means it’s going to be AWESOME!

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