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A ” That’s So Us ” Engagement Session in Newport

July 22, 2016


that's so us engagement session01

When we met with Paula and Jon, they described themselves as quirky and whimsical. They are both of those things and more; high energy, funny, quizzical, creative, sentimental, and effervescent are adjectives that come to mind just to name a few! They also told us they were hoping for some photos that would make them think…“That’s so us!” Therefore, I officially I dub this post, the “That’s So Us Engagement Session.”

You know what’s so Paula and Jon? Cute puppy faces in the daisies. Meet Eva. She’s the love of their lives and now she’s ours too. This one’s a framer for sure.

that's so us engagement session02

We started our That’s So Us Engagement Session at Surfers Beach.  It’s so them because Jon is a native Newportonian and Paula went to St George’s School which overlooks Surfers Beach!

that's so us engagement session03

There’s the old stomping grounds in the background…

Great big hugs are also so Paula and Jon!

that's so us engagement session04

Being lovey dovey on the beach is also very Paula and Jon.

that's so us engagement session05

Going to Starbucks? Totes Paula and Jon.

that's so us engagement session06

Ben & Jerry’s, rainbow sprinkles, jazzy manicures, and sparkly rings? You guessed it… Paula and Jon.

that's so us engagement session07

Kisses all around!

that's so us engagement session08

We ended our little tour right where it started. Paula and Jon met at Via Via. Share a slice? Share my life? Sounds like a plan to me!

that's so us engagement session09

If ever a session needed a BEHIND THE SNAPS, this is it.

Here are some outtakes, all very good examples of moments that are SO Paula and Jon.


Too cute!

And for funsies…

A few more in the  “what it looked like to the eye” vs. the “what the professional photos looks like” ongoing series…

Trish saw this patch of daises and wanted to incorporate them. The parking lot is not the best choice of a backdrop, so with cropping and the proper lens we get a fun beach photo.


We were also super jazzed about incorporating St George’s into the background.

Shout out to Paula’s mom scaling that rock and being our Eva handler.

So, as you can see I am really far from Paula and Jon. That’s because I want to use a nice long lens to bring St. George’s in the background closer to my subject in the foreground. Voila! There is a method to our madness after all!

11Paula and Jon- we are so excited for your wedding next summer! We can’t wait to work with you and Em Devaud Events. I know your plan is to “set the bar high.” and I think you are off to a great start! XO Mariah and Trish

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