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Fourteen Years Later … A Providence Public Library Wedding

July 21, 2016

Melissa and Brian met at Brown University in 2002, fourteen years later here we are at their Providence Public Library Wedding.

When we were driving to Brown University {back to the scene of the crime, in this case a stolen heart} Melissa asked Brian, “Did you ever think then that we’d be back here doing this?”

Brian emphatically replied, “Yes!” It seems Brian had a pretty good grip on the big picture from the very beginning. Melissa was the girl for him, no doubt about it. He even bought her a bracelet from the Providence Place Mall, it was cubic zirconia and his first big gift to her. She showed it to me when she was getting ready. The wedding bands and engagement ring from Tiffany’s are a significant upgrade, but I think Melissa loves them all just the same.

Providence Public Library Wedding01

These are Melissa and Brian’s fur babies. Apparently, they were never allowed up on the bed at home until Brian went away on a business trip and then… oops. Oh well. They posed for their portraits quite nicely!

Providence Public Library Wedding02

Melissa getting ready at the Hotel Providence. Look at that sweet face, no wonder Brian was smitten. Melissa was literally the girl next door, she moved in next to Brian when they were in college.

Providence Public Library Wedding03

Meanwhile, over at the library, the men are having a little whiskey and getting dappered up. Brian is pretty proud of the fact that, “Even my awkward 19 year old self was able to charm Melissa!” Brian is so sweet and funny, it’s easy to see how she was charmed!

Providence Public Library Wedding04

Providence was nuts on this day! There was a festival and half of the streets were shut down which actually worked out for us to get a fun shot with the doggies.

Providence Public Library Wedding05

Of course, a quick stop at Brown was a must have. Melissa and Brian walked through these gates when they arrived at Brown, when they graduated, and now for their wedding! I sure love a tradition!

Providence Public Library Wedding06

A library wedding seems like a good fit for a studious, successful couple like Melissa and Brian.

Providence Public Library Wedding07

The wedding party is a cousins and siblings only club- how nice is that?

Providence Public Library Wedding08

And then there was a parade right in front of the library… wasn’t expecting that! It was complete with Big Nazo puppets, so Providence!

Providence Public Library Wedding09

Studio 539 Flowers Created the bouquets, the flower girl destroyed them… LOL.

Providence Public Library Wedding10

The formal bridal portrait. Melissa poses her pretty self at the top of the stairs in the library.

Providence Public Library Wedding11

Melissa and Brian planned this event themselves, so it seemed fitting that they would walk each other down the aisle.

Providence Public Library Wedding12

Boy meets girl. Boy is invited to party by girl’s college friend. Boy then knows he’s “in”. Boy proposes to girl. Girl says yes. Boy wins, and so does girl.

Providence Public Library Wedding13

Happy Happy Happy.

Providence Public Library Wedding14

Sweet details- love the silhouette cake topper complete with doggies!

Providence Public Library Wedding15

Melissa and Brian’s dance was impressive to say the least. It’s always the quiet ones that surprise me!

Correct me if I am wrong Brian and Melissa, but was it a tango?

Whatever it was, it gave me goosebumps. Despite being really nervous about stepping on Melissa, Brian’s execution was flawless!

Providence Public Library Wedding16

Funny stories and sweet sentiments over dinner. Did you know that Russell Morin is the official caterer of the PPL? They do an amazing job with the food and are just as friendly and helpful.

Providence Public Library Wedding17

Melissa and Brian stepped out of the reception for a little fresh air and smooch. Afterwards, Melissa changed into a traditional Chinese dress.

I said, “Wow Brian Melissa is stunning in that dress!”

He replied, “She’s stunning in every dress!” Heart melt!

Providence Public Library Wedding18BEHIND THE SNAPS

 I do love giving a glimpse into the making of the snaps. The locations always look so cool- but what’s going on behind the scenes is sometimes a little rougher than what is pictured here on the blog. For instance, here is a photo of me on the Westminster Street outside the Hotel Providence. I’m shooting toward a cool doorway we wanted to photograph Melissa and Brian in front of. This is their view of the scene. How could they find me in this crowd?


This is what Trish envisioned as the shot!

It’s important to have an eye for the cool nooks among the chaos! I’m sure it looked pretty wacky to Brian and Melissa, but they trusted us and went with it!


If you are feeling a bit intimidated by having a photographer up in your grill, don’t. Trish is hands on as the artistic director, she steps in and tweaks your pose. Then once everything is just so,  I photograph you from a nice non-intimidating distance. If your photographer is on top of you while they are shooting your formals photos something is wrong, unless of course you are all stuffed inside a phone booth, in which case something is also probably wrong…

The important thing is to relax, have fun with it, and above all else … trust!

snappers2Melissa, we love Providence, we love your story, and we loved being a part of the next chapter! XO Mariah and Trish

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks so much for this, M&T! You captured the day so perfectly and were so lovely to work with! We love the photos!

  2. Melissa says:

    We can’t thank you enough for these beautiful photos and for being so lovely to work with!

  3. Maria L. says:

    It’s truly a love story captured in pics and words. I truly enjoyed it, wonderful work!

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