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Beacon Hill Engagement Session

May 22, 2019

Can you say Location? Beacon Hill, Acorn Street, The Public Garden, and The Charles!

photos by Linda and Cloud: Associate Team


Linda and Cloud met Casey and Leo near their home for a Beacon Hill engagement session. Beacon Hill is such a special place to live. Does it get any more historic and quaint than this neighborhood? It’s always so fun to stroll around the area – every corner is picturesque!


Beacon Hill Engagment Session

However, I’ve been kicked out of Boston’s famous Acorn Street by cranky Acornians on more than one occasion! Luckily, the neighborhood-watch lady must have been out when Linda and Cloud were there with Casey and Leo.

Cobblestone and Ivy {and LOVE} for the win!

Engagment Session on Acorn Street in Beacon Hill

This is one of my favorites! Leo, save up some of those cute moves for the wedding! LOL Something tells me there’s plenty where this came from.


Anyone know where this was taken? That’s right! The Boston Public Garden! I can’t believe Linda and Cloud got this nice, clean shot- there’s usually hordes of people on the bridge!

Boston Oublic Garden Bridege Engagment Session


Oooh, such pretty light and a little bonus sun-flare!

Boston Public Garden Bride Engagement Session


Boston, you’re my home<3

Boston Engagement Session


Casey and Leo ended their Beacon Hill Engagement Session with a quick sunset spin near the Charles. Nice place to practice the first-dance moves!


Such a fantastic spot to watch the day fade away … You guys should do this all the time! 😉


Don’t worry, romance is alive and well in Boston. 🙂

Sunset on the Charles River Engagement Session


Linda and Cloud are photographing Casey and Leo’s wedding at Castle Hill in July, fingers crossed they get another sunset like this! A little sailboat in the background is a definite possibility!


Thinking of Boston for your engagement session? You can find some ideas HERE : two Boston locations, two very different looks!

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