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A Sweet and Stormy Newport Wedding at Castle Hill

December 7, 2017

Sweet and Salty, that’s a good combination. Sweet and Stormy? Well, in the case of a Newport Wedding at Castle Hill…. Yes. Emphatically, yes. Maybe it’s because when a storm kicks up in Newport everything gets a bit salty. Pair the salty seaside air with the sweetest couple this side of the Newport Bridge and you’ve got a really special, really beautiful day despite the driving wind and rain. So much so, I’ve created an extra long blog post. I couldn’t help myself, but you won’t mind. Much like your favorite delicious treats, you won’t be able to get enough of Lindsay and Girard.

Invitations by Third Clover Paper.

About her invitations Lindsay said, “We put SO much special thought into our invitations. Girard and I picked out the monogram, and spent a painstaking amount of time on the details. We had the monogram replicated on a wax seal.”

Lindsay’s shoes are Jimmy Choo and were a gift from her father in law. They have an adorably special relationship.

Lindsay, her mom and the ladies got ready at Jennie Kay’s Hair and Makeup Studio, the Beauty Parlour.


We were running a tick behind on time, but there’s always time for pressies and love notes. 🙂


Lindsay’s dress was a Carolina Herrera.

Lindsay said, “I’m totally obsessed and in love with my dress! It took me forever to pick one. I loved the delicate floral embroidery and how it moved so gracefully when I walked. It was like I was floating.”


“I live in Manhattan and had my dress altered at the flagship store, they embroidered my initial in it with a something blue bow.”

Sweet moments with mom and sis right before leaving for church.


Girard is a match for Lindsay in every way.

Stylishness, brainy-ness, thoughtfulness and romantic-ness. So naturally, his detail game was on point too!

Lindsay told us that since college, Girard has called her “Paci” which is a play on her now maiden name. “My Paci” is engraved on her engagement ring. Although typically men have their own names embroidered into their tux jacket, Girard had “My Paci” embroidered into his.


Lindsay framed the “To my future spouse” letters they wrote to each other in Pre-Cana class.

I won’t share their private words except for this gem written by Girard… (get ready to be very jealous ladies)

“My only wish is that I could live a thousand more years with you.”

Gahhh. That’s so sweet.


Girard’s caring ways extend to his friends too.


That face! Girard, you’re the cutest.


A nice little Newport touch.


Off to get Girard hitched!


The real life, “My Paci.”


Lindsay and Girard got married at Jesus Saviour Church.


Girard’s thoughts at this moment? “Wait until you have your back to everyone before you start crying.”

Linday’s thoughts at the same moment? “Because his head was down, I thought, awww… he’s so emotional!”


Lindsay says she, “Had an overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the aisle. The whole walk down the aisle, I was just filled with such pure joy. It’s hard to put into words, but I think it shows in the photos.”


“We are so glad we chose to see each other at the ceremony over the first look. It was so emotional and powerful! Girard’s emotion was very moving, and to have everyone around us, and the violins and trumpets playing … it was very special.”


Girard, seriously. Now we’re all crying.

This was truly a total surprise to Lindsay. She told us, “Girard showed me the inside of his jacket when we were kneeling at the altar. I cannot believe you captured a picture of it!”


A personal touch that made the ceremony extra special was The Irish Wedding Song, a nod to Girard’s Irish background.

“In good times and bad times, in sickness and in health

May they know that riches are no need for wealth

Help them face the problems they’ll meet on their way

Oh God bless the couple who married today.”




Greeting the world and the wind as a newly married couple.


Lindsay is self proclaimed as “obsessively detail oriented.”

Naturally she had a rain plan. She had booked the Newport Art Museum as a location for formal photos.


Gorgeous window light and lots of love- that’s all you really need for special photos.


I mean, really.


I’m insane for these photos.

Lindsay and Girard are going to frame them separately and hang them side by side.

Generations of Lindsay and Girard’s future family are going to fight over these portraits.

They’re a timeless treasure, knew it the minute I snapped them.


Lindsay is radiant. Not going to lie, she’s kind of radiant everyday, but today especially.


Bouquet: Flowers by Semia


Light airy ladies.

A handsome room for handsome men.


The Gang.


Love the Newport Art Museum. 🙂


Our final destination, Castle Hill Inn.

It was so insanely windy that the staff at CH had to quite literally, “batten down the hatches.”


Trish braved the weather to take a handful of photos of the scenery. Not one photo with people in it was taken outside. They would have been blown right off the cliff. Luckily, Trish wasn’t.


How would you fair if you had a stormy wedding day? Would you cry, pout, or shrug it off?

Lindsay had this to say about being a rainy day bride, ” I was really nervous about the weather and it ruining the day, and people hating the reception that I poured so much love and time into planning. Once we got there, the weather didn’t matter at all. We were filled with so much love and joy, our guests could truly feel it.”

Calligraphy by Meghan Fahy.

Lindsay and Girard’s reception details were so romantic and elegant. It was a feast to photograph!


Sin Desserts created Lindsay and Girard’s cake.

Lindsay was blown away by the way her reception came together.

“The flowers and candlelight all by Flowers By Semia were the number one thing that stood out to me. It’s the major detail that I can still envision strongly when I think back to the day. The flowers were to die for!! Blooms everywhere, high and low, candlelight beneath the drapery and chandeliers. With the wind blowing so harshly outside, the inside of the tent was filled with this warm romantic candlelight, and it was like being in some magical dreamworld. I love you Semia and the FBS team!!!”

Cocktails and Trumpets.

Lindsay had “Day Of” help to get them to this point from wedding planners extraordinaire, Infinite Events.


Lindsay and Girard pulled off an epic first dance complete with …




Everyone nestled in nice and toasty, tucking into their delicious meals.


Girard’s family is utterly in love with Lindsay. They think she’s an angel who fell from heaven. They’re right.


Cheers to LOVE.


Girard said, “If highlighting your wife at your wedding as the most important person in the world, doesn’t bring you the utmost joy, you’re marrying the wrong person.”

I think we should clone Girard.


Girard is a mother’s dream too.

Not that these two need advice, but super cute idea.

Lindsay and Girard … romancing the heck out of their wedding day, right to the very end.

This painting of Lindsay and Girard’s first dance was created live at their wedding. It was so cool to watch it come to life over the course of the reception.

The artist is: Mark DeSilva of Live Wedding Painting by Mark

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