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Bethany + Josh’s Ocean House Wedding, Westerly RI

January 21, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

The snappers do love themselves a winter soiree so we waited patiently all year for Bethany and Josh’s December Ocean House Wedding.

When I first chatted with Bethany, she shared her vision for her day. She described; candlelight, greenery, white flowers, a sparkly dress, simply put… winter elegance. She was excited about the Ocean House because they decorate so beautifully for the holidays. Bethany painted a picture for me that made me want to un-burrow myself from my cozy hibernation on the couch and venture out to wintery Westerly to be a part of the festivities.

What a treat it was! There was candlelight aplenty, pine boughs and lambs ear and mistletoe dripped from every surface, lovely white hydrangea, peony, gardenia, and anemone blossoms in the florals created by Sayles Livingston, and that dress!

Enough cannot be said about Bethany’s glamorous gown. Isn’t the detail on the sleeves and back amazing?! Gown by BHLDN.

Ocean House Wedding0002I love photographing the rings, it’s one of the first things we do when we arrive for the getting ready photos. It’s fun to find an interesting surface to arrange them on. This decorative plate hints at the lovely ocean blues of the Ocean House.Ocean House Wedding0001Family heirlooms and traditions are another must -document. Bethany’s mother was given the hanky and the sixpence for her wedding by her father, Bethany’s grandfather. Now it’s been carried by three generations of women in Bethany’s family. Ocean House Wedding0003Mistletoe keeps popping up! Lucky for everyone who might like a kiss! {left}. It’s a beautiful day for a wedding at The Ocean House, just look at that view from the penthouse! {right}.Ocean House Wedding0004Bethany having her makeup done by Sassafrass. {left}. The bridesmaids put on the finishing touches. {right}.Ocean House Wedding0005Meanwhile, in a room nearby Josh and his brother get ready for the first look.Ocean House Wedding0006Adorable and Handsome. Which is which? They are interchangeable I think!Ocean House Wedding0007We like to do a portrait of the bride before she leaves for the first look. It’s such an exciting time and nerves are running high! Sometimes it’s nice to take a little break from the action for a quiet moment. Bethany looks contemplative here. I wonder what she’s thinking?

I LOVE reflections, two Bethanys are better than one! I also love that her sister was caught in the reflection on the right.Ocean House Wedding0008Bethany’s bouquet was luscious and smelled heavenly thanks to the gardenia and her florist, Sayles Livingston. {left}.

Bethany was hesitant about the veil, but her mother and I kind of insisted she wear it for the first look. She thought it might be too intense, but since when is intensity a bad thing? Bethany, you rock that veil! {right}.Ocean House Wedding0009It was December, and a little cold but Josh and Bethany were up for doing their first look on the impressive porch of the Ocean House.Ocean House Wedding0010Reason number one and reason number two for an over the face veil. Case rested. Cuteness established.Ocean House Wedding0011In the summer this spot would be riddled with hotel guests, another mark in the category of win for winter weddings.

The thing I love second best to reflections? Shadows.Ocean House Wedding0012What’s not to love about this iconic building?Ocean House Wedding0013Family formals indoors complete with fireplace and Christmas tree. The photo on the left may be the most perfect family photo I’ve ever taken. Look at everyone’s expressions, especially our ring bearer!Ocean House Wedding0014The bridal party was also up for photos outside. Look at that lovely strip of blue water in the background!Ocean House Wedding0015In LOVE with the soft color of these dresses, a perfect shade for winter.Ocean House Wedding0016Big Men, Little Man.Ocean House Wedding0017Bethany snuggling with her girls in the lobby.Ocean House Wedding0018Man time at the bar with Josh.Ocean House Wedding0019Josh and his brother, the best man striking a very GQ pose.Ocean House Wedding0020Sayles made sure every surface of the Ocean House was covered in winter flora and fauna, from striking centerpieces to petite wreaths.Ocean House Wedding0021Josh waiting for Bethany, no problem reading that expression. Pure Joy.Ocean House Wedding0022How insanely gorgeous is this room at the Ocean House for the ceremony? I had never been in this room before and was so happy to discover it! It’s almost like it was made for Bethany and Josh’s wedding. I am drooling over those art-deco lighting fixtures.Ocean House Wedding0023Sweet vows.Ocean House Wedding0024So happy!Ocean House Wedding0025Mr and Mrs!Ocean House Wedding0026Sneaking a smooch right after the processional in the lobby of the Ocean House.Ocean House Wedding0027Well wishes and important signatures make it official.Ocean House Wedding0028The difference between boys and girls. The story is in the little moments isn’t it? Seth Rogan agrees.Ocean House Wedding0029Okay, this one is the framer. There’s always one shot that screams, “Frame me and hang me on the wall for all to admire!”  This be the one.

Q: How’d we do it? A: Long lens and shooting through a Christmas tree. Result: Romantical magic!

I want to swim around in this photo.Ocean House Wedding0030Mistletoe again, at each place setting. I think there’s going to be a lot of kissing at dinner.Ocean House Wedding0031Festive and Sparkly, just like Bethany’s vision.Ocean House Wedding0032Pretty cake waiting patiently to be cut.Ocean House Wedding0033Bethany and Josh share a warm first dance in the dining room, while the cold wind howls outside.Ocean House Wedding0034Bethany’s dad is quite the cut up. He likes to give toasts that make everyone laugh.Ocean House Wedding0035On the flip side, Josh’s brother got us all teared up.Ocean House Wedding0036It’s your turn for the spotlight cake! But we brought along some friends too, cookies! The more the sweeter.Ocean House Wedding0037I wonder who Bethany gets her sense of humor from? #peasinapodOcean House Wedding0038The infamous last photo of the evening, with what else?

Bethany and Josh’s theme:

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe.

{For the rest of our lives}.Ocean House Wedding0039

  1. Jenny Buss D'Agostino says:

    Love every single one

  2. Ashley Sportelli says:

    Simply beautiful!!!! 🙂

  3. Dixie Steward says:

    Extremely creative….wonderful!

  4. Nancy Buss says:

    The pictures are beautiful. Loved them.

  5. Bethany Steward says:

    The photos are absolutely beautiful. They are better than I could have ever expected!

  6. Kathleen Anne Howe Coval says:

    Gorgeous pics and such creative ideas.

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