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Kate and Joe’s Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding

December 31, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

We’ve been waiting all year for Kate and Joe’s Salve Regina and OceanCliff wedding so it’s only fitting that we bring it to you on New Year’s Eve! How lucky we are to end the year as strongly as we started with a stellar couple like Kate and Joe. In fact, I believe they are referred to as Mr. and. Mrs. Sunshine as told by Kate’s sister in her toast. Follow along and you’ll see why…

Kate and Joe met and fell in love in Newport while Kate was a student at Salve Regina. Love may have been sparked in the summer sunshine on Waites Wharf, but chilly November was the choice for Kate’s vision of a wintery Newport soiree. Great choice Kate, winter looks great on you!

We started the day at OceanCliff where the ladies had the run of the Gate House for getting ready. Here is Kate, taking a moment here to read a love letter from Joe. Her pretty crown was worn by her mother on her wedding day.

Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0001Older brother Joe is getting a little help with his tie from his younger brother and best man. During his toast, Joe’s brother told everyone what an inspiration and a role model that Joe has been for him.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0002When Kate and Joe first came to visit us they brought Kate’s parents. We were quite taken with Kate’s sassy fashionable mom at that meeting. She didn’t disappoint on the wedding day either. Here Kate’s fashionable mom helps her with her earrings.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0003Joe is seriously one of the NICEST people we have ever met. He’s got a great smile and laugh and seems to be perpetually positive!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0004Kate comes from a great family, very close and very supportive. Her parents adore her! Which is no surprise, she’s a dream of a daughter.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0005One of the best things about a winter wedding is the florals! Winter white, berries, acorns, deep reds… love it all! Toni Chandler created these beauties! I am especially crazy for Kate’s cascading gardenias that Toni fastened to a silk ribbon and tied to a vintage heirloom prayer book.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0006Kate and Joe opted not to do a first look, saving the big moment for the aisle. I must admit, I’m kind of a traditionalist too.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0007The last bit of leaves left on the trees make a pretty background for a vintage glamor car.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0008Kate doing her best not to be seen by guests streaming into the church. Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0009A must have at any wedding, adorable kiddos. Kate has a great group of girlfriends who were so excited for her.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0010How sweet Kate looks in her winter shrug. Her “bouquet” completes her look.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0011Joe was so excited to see his bride. His jaw almost hit the floor.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0012These next two photos demonstrate how amazing it is to have two photographers  because you can have two completely different perspectives of the same moment. I snapped this photo at the back of the church and I love it because it seems like the moment is happening only for Kate and her dad. Lifting the veil is a big deal for the dads, they are usually so nervous!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0013This perspective is the same moment, but from Trish’s angle. I love the movement in the hands and the expressions of Joe and the two dads.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0014Bored but behaved. Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0015Our Lady of Mercy chapel at Salve is so beautiful. It’s a small intimate space, but because of the circular design we are able to move around unobtrusively and get lots of great angles. Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0016This photo feels a little magical, which the ceremony always is. Are you wondering what I am using to frame the newlyweds? I am shooting through the harp.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0017Married!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0018A few quick portraits on the grounds at Salve. It was COLD! We sent the family and bridal party ahead so we could have some time alone with Kate and Joe. They didn’t seem to mind the temp, all that adrenaline kept them warm.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0019The golden afternoon light was stunning. I love this little grove of cedar trees.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0020So sweet! This one is a framer!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0021Kate arranged for us to use Ochre Court at Salve Regina for our formal portraits which is always a treat. The ornate rooms really compliment the winter feeling of this wedding and the gold warms everything up.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0022Family Portraits.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0023We could have shot at Ochre Court all day we were having so much fun and the building is chock full of interesting light and architectural goodness.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0024Another angle, thank you to Mike of Artistic Wedding Films for lighting this for us! Team work!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0025Every angle of this building is amazing.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0026I love the photo here on the left, classic! And the one on the right is so fun, can’t you just feel that chilly breeze? This kind of picture really help you recall the moment because your senses are engaged.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0027And they’re off to the reception!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0028Dreamy candle lit details in the ballroom at Oceancliff.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0029First dance.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0030Joe and Kate were really excited about their band, Flipside. We LOVE Flipside!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0031An amazingly sweet toast from the Father of the Bride.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0032Party time, who knew the flower girl had such moves?!Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0033Flipside doing their thing. P.S. They’re thing is, fun.Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0034And to end the evening… a dramatic ring shot that we totally ripped off from Mike at Artistic Wedding Films. Thanks for setting that up Mike. Salve Regina and OceanCliff Wedding0035Well Kate and Joe, you booked us a long time ago so it was quite a wait to get to this day, but you were well worth it. Thank you for being so sweet and kind, so friendly and so excited about the pictures.

We truly wish every day could be as lovely as this one. You two are so lucky to have one another because you are so suited as partners. Your wedding was a pleasure to be witness to and an honor to document.

XO Mariah and Trish

  1. Tara Adele Kilroy says:

    So completely beautiful!! I must have something in my eye!

  2. Marie Murray says:

    Oh, Kate. It was a beautiful day, these pictures are so lovely and truly capture everything as I know you wished it. May 2015 bring you every joy, your beaming happiness says it all. So glad we were there.

  3. Lynn Murphy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Amazing photos!!!!

  4. Sue Warner Johnson says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Congratulations,

  5. Lisa Albert says:

    Beautiful! Gorgeous photos to go with that fabulous wedding!

  6. Kim Scagliarini Rotatori says:

    beautiful, amazing pictures!!

  7. Theodora McGeoghegan says:

    Exquisite; as your oneness is! God bless you both with all things good and glorious! Much love, Tedi

  8. Kelly Coughlin Albert says:

    Spectacular photos of a gorgeous couple!

  9. Julie Andrus says:

    Regal. Loved them. One problem, Kate was supposed to marry Johnny. They could’ve gotten married on the beach with their blankets! J/k it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen. So glad to be a part of it. Carolyn & Sean’s wedding was beautiful too.

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