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A Fashionable Engagement Session in Newport

June 3, 2016


Anna and Austin’s very fashionable engagement session in Newport was so much fun to shoot. Anna is a self described history nerd and loves the architecture of Bellevue Avenue, she’s even a member of the Preservation Society. We decided to meet at The Elms, which is the first grand home on Bellevue, so a fitting start to our session. From there we decided to stroll around a bit and see what struck our fancy.

The first fancy thing I was struck by was Anna and Austin’s perfect attire.

They totally nailed understated formal. The little black dress is classic, timeless and perfect for this location. Anna is an international buyer for a designer fashion brand so I assumed she’d have a fabulous dress on. I told her I loved her choice, and she told me she found it in the back of her mother’s closet! She confessed it was a Laura Ashley dress from the 80’s. What?! First of all, who had the good fashion sense to buy anything in the 80’s that would stand the test of time? Secondly, whose mom could wear a tiny little black dress like that? And thirdly, who could pull off wearing their mother’s tiny vintage dress? Apparently, Anna’s mom and Anna herself, tall lithe genes must run in this family.

Austin cut a dashing figure in his classic suit as well. They make quite the couple!


If you know shoes, then here’s a clue as to who Anna works for…


Does this spot look like it could be anywhere near Bellevue Avenue? That’s what I love about poking around on foot, you never know what you will find. I must have driven past this street off Bellevue a million times and I have never noticed this massive wall and beautiful pine trees. Dramatic portrait time!


Our little history nerd loves Rosecliff, designed by architect Stanford White. Did you know that it was modeled after the Grand Trianon, a garden retreat for Louis XIV of France? Anna does.


Our next location was this breathtaking spot at the end of Ledge Road, which is also the end of the Cliff Walk. This is one of the most dramatic spots in Newport, and it never disappoints!  It’s a bit tricky to get down to this spot in the summer season as there is technically no parking on this street and many of the trolleys and limos will not go down it because there isn’t anywhere to turn around. However, off season when parking rules are a little less enforced, you can take your chances.


Speaking of taking chances… Anna and Austin actually went to high school together. They had all the same classes all four years, I’m guessing that’s because they were in the smart kid classes together! Anyway, they were good friends and kept in touch all these years. No sparks in high school though? Well, that’s a bit of a debate. Anna whisper-winked to us that Austin had a bit of a secret crush on her for all those years. Austin {who is a lawyer} neither confirmed nor denied those accusations. He did however blush. The jury’s in and we vote GUILTY as charged Austin!


How fantastic is Anna’s dress?! It’s like she’s wearing the ocean!

Her very fashionable engagement session in Newport secret? Rent the Runway. Genius! Austin’s medium blue suit is the perfect compliment.

To tell you the truth, the Snap Girls could use a little fashion consulting. Anna’s so sweet, when she came to visit she was wearing a very chic sweater-coat in a tasteful cream color. Trish and I had loud kind of ugly bright shirts on. Recently I’d been researching what color season we both are and had declared that our beloved black wardrobe was banned from the office. Looking at Anna in her creamy sweater, I wanted to hide under the table but Anna just said, “You’re living colorfully!” I instantly felt better about the bad choice I had made that morning. That’s right! I’m living colorfully, I said to myself, and put on my sunglasses to look in the mirror.


It’s time for BEHIND THE SNAPS!

I’m pulling back the curtain on this fashion show!

Trish and I always work as a team of two. It’s the same at the weddings as it is at the engagement shoots. Often I have to back way the heck up to get the shot, which frankly isn’t a very engaging place to be. That’s where Trish comes in, she talks the couple through poses, expressions, etc. because I’m like literally on the North Pole and we can’t leave our couple out in the cold not knowing what to do! Plus if I shout I could scare that guy on the bike, he’d fall off, and then it would be a whole thing.


Trish gets ideas on the fly. Most of the time I agree with them. We both agreed that this tree was pretty spectacular. Trish was working on the pose. Clearly Austin was not in need of coaching because he wasn’t’ paying attention at all. Anna looked pretty skeptical. I suggested they dance. Things worked out. And Austin was right, he’s got this.


Trish uses a series of cryptic hand signals to communicate with me during weddings. Most of the time I have absolutely no idea what she wants from me, so it’s a good thing that we invested in some two way radios. Any-hoo, I understood this one to mean I like this spot, it’s awesome, no?


  1. Anna says:

    Mariah and Trish are THE BEST!!

    The Snap girls are so much fun to be around and they really go the extra mile to get to know their clients. Mariah and Trish also have amazing location scouting skills both on and off the beaten path- I am obsessed with every one of the locations that they chose for our shoot. We love our photos and we can’t wait to hang out with you both on our wedding day!

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