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A Warm and {Furry} Ocean House Wedding

June 17, 2016


Welcome to Allison and Andrew’s very beachy, very fuzzy, very summer-ific Ocean House wedding. Actually, it was technically still Spring on their wedding day, but someone must have neglected to remind mother nature because it was a quintessential Watch Hill beach day! What better venue is there on a day like this one?

Allison and Andrew’s balcony afforded them a 180 degree view of the coastline, a white sand beach with views of Montauk, Block Island, the Atlantic Ocean, and of course… Taylor Swift’s house. LOL. After looking around the grounds for a bit we decided that this would be the best spot for the first look and I LOVE the seagull’s eye view of the property from this vantage point, but more about that a little later…

When we arrive at a wedding, Trish meets up with the groom and I {Mariah} meet up with the bride. I usually like to start photographing details first and generally I start with the rings. It’s really helpful if both bands are with the bride, that way I can photograph all three rings together for maximum sparkle! I photographed Allison’s rings on her sparkly purse. After I shoot the rings, I usually have one of the groomsmen come to retrieve them so that the best man has them before the ceremony. A photograph of the rings is a great opening shot for your wedding album!


Meanwhile, Trish was photographing much softer and warmer details, like this portrait of Tully, Allison and Andrew’s fur baby. He’s an Irish Setter & Standard Poodle mix. I think he might also be part Wookie or Snufflupagus. Tully is the sweetest, best behaved dog and quite the celebrity at the Ocean House. He even met the owner of the OH while he was out and about in Watch Hill! We love that the OH is dog friendly. Tully looks pretty psyched too. Don’t mind him, he’s not sad, he’s just getting accustomed to the luxury and the relaxation!


Andrew in his very sharp three piece suit and posing for a regal portrait with Tully.


Meanwhile, a floor away, Allison got  ready with the help of her maid of honor.


When Allison got into position for the first look Tully arrived to make sure everything went smoothly with the ladies.

Allison had a big beautiful suite to stay in the night before the wedding but she was all by herself which would have been a little lonely had it not been for the company of Tully. She was so happy to have him there with her.


After the first look Tully needed a little attention and a portrait with his parents. I absolutely love Tully’s legs, they’re hysterical! See what I mean about him being part Wookie?


Every time I drive up to the Ocean House, the facade takes my breath away. I always want to snap photos like this one but it’s a high traffic area with both cars and pedestrians and I have to go way across the street to get the shot. Maybe it was a little early in the season, not actually summer yet, so we had a quick window with no people to get this image. Voila!


Shooting formal photos at the Ocean House can be a little tricky because there is no shade, we are on the beach after all! It’s a gorgeous resort so obviously the building makes sense as a background, but we also like to have a little something natural and flora & fauna-ish to work with. Luckily there are pretty little gardens there as well.

Allison is bridal dreamy in this spot, the light, her veil, the pose… sigh.

By the way, Bella Vita Salon in Westerly did Allison’s hair and makeup.


Allison’s proud parents.


The ceremony was on the back lawn facing the ocean. Allison and Andrew had a Del’s Lemonade cart for their guests which was a nice Rhode Island touch!


Actually, Allison and Andrew both grew up in Rhode Island and met working at a Stride Rite store at the Wrentham Outlets. They’ve come a long way since their shoe sales days. Allison is an orthopedic surgeon and Andrew is an accountant. For all their success they are the most down to earth people, we even did a Stride Rite group photo later in the evening.

Here they are striding right down the aisle.

Oh! What a terrible pun that was… I’m leaving it in though. I think Andrew will like it. He’s goofy like me.


Surfs up Allison.


This is one of my favorite photos from the day. It’s so relaxed and natural. That’s the Watch Hill Lighthouse in the background.


I think it probably felt nice to take those heels off.

It’s also really nice to have 15 minutes to yourself right after your married, of course we’ll be with you too but it will still be romantic!


Special touches.. a custom poster in a vintage style serves as a guest book & Allison’s signature cocktail has a hibiscus in it!


A theme carried throughout the wedding was market lights. I LOVE market lights! {left} the invitation, {middle} tent ceiling detail {right} table numbers. Festive!


The gorgeous tent on the lawn at Ocean House was a Sperry Tent {of course}.


Allison and Andrew have a little fun on the dance floor and cut their cake.


Tully was kind of a star at the reception. He kept taking selfies with everyone. Here he is checking in with his mom.


Twilight was the perfect time for an “end of the evening” portrait. We love the “blue light” at this time of night. The sun does not set behind the OH, and the view of the sunset is obstructed by telephone lines and buildings. Fortunately for us, this view is just as pretty.


Isn’t this just what you dream of when you imagine an Ocean House wedding? Allison and Andrew’s day was perfection from sparkly start to twinkly finish.

Allison and Andrew, you are tully the BEST!

{second horrible pun also intended and included}

XOXO Mariah and Trish



Wedding Photographer: Job Description

Must love kissing dogs, carrying pretty bouquets, and having your toes in the sand.

Must be willing to wear black and work weekends.


Must also be a little on the bossy side, but call it organized and efficient if that makes you feel better.


Oh, and you must take really good photos and look cute doing it.


  1. Lu Deguire says:


  2. Allison Crepeau says:

    Love, love, love!! We could not have asked for a better pair to capture our magical day! Thank you so much for everything!

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