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#albumsr4eva The Three Essential Pieces You Need From Your Wedding Photographs

June 21, 2016


There are three essential pieces that you need from your wedding photographs. Whether you include them in your initial package {which is a good idea because you will save a bit} or you add them on after your wedding, these are the pieces that are must haves.

  1. A Wall Portrait : Your very favorite photo from the wedding… retouched, printed and framed. You will absolutely love having this photo hanging in the background of your life. It will be a constant reminder of your happy day. Not only will you love it, but your children will too. The adorable couple pictured above have two equally adorable children now! When technology changes and your USB drive of photographs is no longer relevant you will have a tangible photograph to enjoy and pass on.
  2. A Wedding Album: I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Your wedding album should not be a DIY project. PLEASE leave this to the experts. Each photograph in your album is retouched. The layouts are thoughtfully laid out to tell the full story of your day. The cover materials and the printing are made to last a lifetime. Let us take care of this for you. So many people intend to do an album and then never get around to it. That is tragic! You should be sitting on the couch with your sweetheart and flipping through the pages of your album on every anniversary. People we love, friends we cherish, they will all be there in your album each time you open it!
  3. A Gift For Your Parents: Don’t overlook these important people. They really want a photo keepsake. Your wedding was an important day in their lives too. A small album or folio would be a treasure to them. Show them how much you appreciate all they’ve done with a beautiful professional printed piece.

So those are the three essential items not to overlook; the wall portrait, the wedding album, and the parent’s album or folio. You will never regret having real prints to hold and enjoy. Digital files are not photographs, printed images are where it’s at. #albumsr4eva !

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