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Watch Hill Chapel and Shelter Harbor Wedding

July 25, 2019

Snapping around Beautiful South County for Brittney and Andy’s Shelter Harbor Wedding

Photos by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team


The Ocean House

We started our day off with sunny skies and ocean breezes at the iconic, Ocean House. Brittney got ready there with her mom, sister, and bridesmaids.


I’m crazy for this photo. Look at all that beauty gear! Hair and makeup by Uptown Salon and Spa.


Time to put on that dress!


A bridal reveal for the bridesmaids.


Um, yes. Stand right there, don’t move!


We love to get a fresh-faced photo of the bride before the ceremony tears start to flow and the hair droops from the humidity. I have to say though, in Brittney’s case that never happened! She was jut as lovely at the end of the day as she was at the beginning!

Shelter Harbor Cottages

Andy and his entourage got ready at the Shelter Harbor cottages. I say entourage because Andy had fourteen attendants. He’s got a lot of friends, everyone loves Andy.


That said, Andy chose his dad as his best man. Aww!


Presents from Brittney… as if marrying her wasn’t enough!


The groomsmen also had presents for Andy, cause … love.


The Watch Hill Chapel

The ceremony was right across the street from the Ocean House at The Watch Hill Chapel.


Since Trish photographs the men getting ready; she also hangs out at the church before the bride arrives to get great candids like these.


Brittney meeting her dad in the lobby of the Ocean House … it’s almost ceremony time!


Love these! Look at that blue sky!


A special photo for Brittney and her dad.


Daly Sanford of Daly Planning was on hand, orchestrating all of the moving parts behind the scenes.


Actually, I think that is literally Daly’s hand in the veil, LOL.


A dramatic entrance.


In his toast, Brittney’s dad spoke about the day Britt  was born and the doctor handing him his little baby girl. He also told Andy, I’m handing you my baby now; take care of her.


Being inside this church feels a bit like being in the hull of a giant sailing ship.




So much in store for these two in their future …


… including a vintage Porsche get-away car! Woo-hoo!


They’re pretty excited.


There were soooo many great photos from this series of pictures, it was nearly impossible to choose just one, but this one is pretty much perfect!


Aw, but this one is sweet too…


… and this one is wheeeeee!


Method to the Madness

Britt and Andy took a cruise around the block, then circled back for family portraits. The front of the church made a great spot because the light was nice and even + steps!

In case you were wondering, this is a great example of the type of formal family combos we do:

Bride + Mom, The whole Fam-damily + the spouses and kids, the Bride w/ her Parents, the Bride + Dad, and the Bride + Sibs.


We did similar shots for the Groom and his family with a few variations:

Just the Men, Groom + Mom, The OG’s, Groom w/ Mom + Dad, The Whole Gang

We need about ten minutes with each family group to knock out the combos!


I  <3  Symmetry


Arriving at Shelter Harbor and getting a little gloss touch up from the MOH to get photo-ready.


That gloss didn’t last long! Ha-ha.


Shelter Harbor Golf Club Grounds

Now for some Just Married photos!

Shelter Harbor Wedding


Trekking and Snapping…

Shelter Harbor Wedding


…and Smooching, lots of smooching.


Another one of my favorites! Such a cute, natural, moment! + the veil… anytime the veil blows, we go crazy!


More, more! Snap, snap, snap!


Camera drop.


Picked it back up for this one.

Shelter Harbor Wedding


Send in the lovelies!


Stop it!

Stop what?

Glowing, that’s what!

Sorry,we can’t.

Shelter Harbor Wedding


Now, stroll with your twenty bff’s.

Shelter Harbor Wedding




This photo – it’s so stinkin’ adorable! Andy’s expression, Britt’s cute legs, the bouquet! Gah!

Shelter Harbor Wedding


It’s quite a climb to the top, but the views are worth it.

Shelter Harbor Wedding



SHGC Reception

Meanwhile in the tent…

Rosanna’s flowers and the staff at SHGC have outdone themselves.

Shelter Harbor Wedding


Cocktails, candids, and merriment.


Britt and Andy being announced in as Mr and Mrs.

Shelter Harbor Wedding


First dance, Live Music by Boss Band of Wilson Stevens.


VIP dances too.


Everyone enjoyed dinner and live music in the perfect summer setting.


We Interrupt this Previously scheduled Party…

Britt and Andy snuck off for some golden hour photos (with their photographers, natch’)

Also on hand, but so discreet they do not appear in any of the photos, Ready Set Film Filmmakers. Thanks for being awesome, Jeff!


This one. Right. Here.


Winner, winner, tofu dinner!

Shelter Harbor Wedding




Double Gah.


Much like the sunset, all good things come to end …

Shelter Harbor Wedding


… but first, hilarious and tender toasts from the dads. Hanky please.


The MOH had a few early-Britt stories to share as well.


How cute of Britt and her Mom! This family is so loving.

The cake was made by Vesta Bakery.


Can’t think of a sweeter way to end this Shelter Harbor wedding post.


Brittney and Andy, When I say we wish we could do it again, we absolutely mean it. You are dream clients. Your day was perfection.

Thank You! Trish and Mariah


Want to see more Shelter Harbor wedding posts? HERE is the original post that Britt found when starting her photographer research. She loved these photos and hired us based on this gallery.

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