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Best Locations for Wedding Photos at Blithewold

July 17, 2019

There are thirty- three acres of property at Blithewold to choose from so the question begs … Where to first?


an epic tour d’ blithewold by Linda and Cloud: associate team


Barbara and Joe had a picture perfect day and they took full advantage of it! Trish told Barbara,

“I’ve been photographing weddings at Blithewold for twenty years and I’ve never been able to shoot this many spots in one day!”


Of course, having a dynamic duo on the case helps. Cloud captured Barbara getting ready, Linda photographed Joe.


First Location and First Look: The Moon Gate in the Rose Garden

According to the Blithewold website, The Rose Garden was planted around the year 1900.

It features a Chesnut Rose that is believed to be from George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate.

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


We love this spot because the Moon Gate makes such a terrific frame and the light is always soft and shaded, which is perfect for a first look and a first portrait.

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


Barbara loves all things floral, and was probably most excited about her wedding flowers. She entrusted Flowers by Semia with her vision.


These fun purple blobs in the foreground are ornamental onion or Allium (Globemaster). They have 2.5 foot stems and grow 4 to six inches across.

Love how Cloud and Linda composed this shot.


Next stop,  The Bamboo Garden on the way to…


The Idea and the Pollinator Gardens

The Idea Garden: Once a cutting garden and orchard, the Idea Garden now teams several smaller gardens: the Cutting Garden, the Herb Garden, the Troughery, the Checkerboard Garden, and areas for sun and shade loving plants (Blithewold website)

The Pollinator Garden: Blithewold’s garden staff planted this garden with native honey bees, butterflies, and other insects in mind, filling it with pollinator-friendly coneflowers, thistles, summer phlox, and golden-rod.

(Blithewold website)


Wedding Photos at Blithewold


No- Fail Portrait Location: The Weeping European Beech

Linda and Cloud met up with the Bridal Part and Family at one of our favorite portraits spots on the property. This gorgeous tree was planted in 1911.

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


Thanks for the shade, Weeping Beech.


The dresses, the bouquets, this location! It’s all too perfect!


Time to get married!


Barbara was most nervous about the long walk to the ceremony.


Ceremony Location: The North Garden




This backdrop is everything!


The walk back up the aisle, so much easier than on the way down! 😉


This is probably my favorite spot, the cool shade of the woods and the lovely filtered light is never disappointing!

Did you know that Blithewold means, “happy woodland?”

Wedding Photos at Blithewold



Wedding Photos at Blithewold


I’m not sure what you call this spot … heaven? Romance lawn? 🙂

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


Water Garden

a.k.a The Frog Garden, LOL They may be slimy but they’re cute. The frogs, not Barbara and Joe!!!

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


And lastly but not leastly,

The Water View

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


Phew, that was a lot of walking but well worth it.


Good news, there’s refreshments…


And Barbara and Joe are super fit, so they barely broke a sweat.


First dance in the tent under the twinkle lights.


Toasts and Dinner with a breeze and a water view.


The Mansion

Naturally at sunset, there need to be a few more pics. First, a few photos with the Mansion as the background and that awesome golden-hour light.

Wedding Photos at Blithewold

Wedding Photos at Blithewold


And then, a pause on the Great Lawn for those last bits of sunset and sweeping views.


Time to party.


Blackstone catered. I could eat that whole tray of cones!


Barbara and Joe, Cloud and Linda loved traipsing and snapping all over Blithewold with you! What a special place to kick off your life together!


For more wedding photos at Blithewold, check this BLOG post out!

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