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Full Moon, Full Hearts at a Glen Manor House Wedding

June 28, 2019


photography by mariah and trish: owner team

When it’s right, it’s right and you just know it. It’s especially obvi when you’ve waited patiently for it to be right and then Wham-o! Cupid strikes. OK Cupid in this instance. LOL. Like so many of our couples these days, Gen and Ben met each other online. After a whirlwind romance last year, and even whirl-windier wedding planning, they chose to have a Glen Manor House wedding in May. We’re just so happy to have been caught up in their tornado of lurve!

Side note: Gen’s best friend’s sister created all of the invitation suite below. Her company is Roseville Designs.



Gen has a way with the kiddos, they just love her because she gets them. Therefor, five flower girls and four ring bearers made perfect sense for this bride!


A portrait of our lovely bride, Genevieve.

Gen’s florist was Robin Hollow. RH’s work is so beautiful, fresh and befitting of our bride!

Gen’s makeup was by Jess D’Amore and her hair was done by Jen Clark.

Glen manor House Wedding


I did nothing to enhance these photos- that blue was THAT blue!


Ben was running a little behind – no worries, his brother and father sprung into action and got him ready in no time flat!


After all, you can’t keep a beauty like this waiting.

Get Ready … First Look Awesomeness Below!


The staircase was the obvious spot for a dramatic first look.

Glen manor House Wedding


Crazy for this photo!

Glen manor House Wedding


And this one too!

#moneyshot 🙂

Glen manor House Wedding


This image… it took more than a couple of minutes to organize our group, but it was soooo worth it! I mean 28 in the bridal party … no biggie! LOL.

Sweating Now … that was a workout!

Glen manor House Wedding


The kiddos look like a bunch of little cupids! Too cute!


Gen’s mom went to boarding school at the Glen back in the day! I wonder what it was like to be back on the property as the Mother of the Bride!

Snap Tips and Tricks

It was a very sunny day, so we had to choose our formal portrait location carefully. The most important thing is to have nice even light on everyone’s faces. This usually means we shoot in the shade, which the groomsmen are always grateful for. #bringbackshortpants


We didn’t really pose these portraits, Gen was just perched in the sun watching the photos of the groomsmen happening. She looks regal!

Glen manor House Wedding


Uh oh, the guests are starting to arrive! Run Gen! LOL


Loved these girls, such sweet little ladies and they were so psyched to be flowergirls!

Glen manor House Wedding


We really could photograph Gen walking up and down the steps all day!

Glen manor House Wedding


Sweet moments in the in-between moments.


This day was everything you’d wish it to be.


The music was playing, the birds were chirping, the breeze was breezing. Ben was so happy, because he loves birds and music! I’m guessing he loves breezes too. Oh, and marrying Gen, that comes in high on the list as well.


Having two photographers is key so that one photographer can get this photo…


while the other photographer gets this photo…

so stinkin’ cute!

Glen manor House Wedding


Again, two photographers tell the whole story! Also, coordinating so that you are not in each other’s shot is essential.

Glen manor House Wedding

Hankies Please…

Gen’s father leaving his daughter in good hands.


Best man duties.



Thanks, we’re positively parched …

 Blackstone Catering is so great, they always bring the bride and groom and the bridal party bevvies and snacks right after the ceremony.


Ben thinks posing for formal photos is silly and funny. He asked if we could take a serious photo to mimic American Gothic. Hee-hee.


Pretty romantic, nothing funny or silly about this shot.

Look who’s posing now!


This shot, GAH. The Glen, it looks great from every angle, AND it has so much variety! It presents us something unique every time we are there.

Glen manor House Wedding


After 15 minutes of just married photos, it was time for cocktail hour! Blackstone Catering was on hand to make it extra yummy!

Look at those little tacos- why are miniature things automatically adorable?


Solid Snap Advice

Fun with friends! Cocktail hour is a good time to get some informal group photos.

Don’t overload it though … a nice mix of candids and a few groups plus plenty of time for drinks and hors d’oeuvres is the right balance.


Steal this Idea!

I’m crazy for this escort card idea. Gen and Ben are avid readers,  so… bookmarks!


Simple, lovely, elegant details.

Gen and Ben’s wedding planner was Jamie Nelson of Eventfully Planned.

Robin Hollow carried the fresh green theme into the reception.


Glen manor House Wedding

Candid Cuteness

G + B stole a little moment alone waiting for the festivities to kick off!

Glen manor House Wedding



See that two photographer approach thing happening again? No really- you can literally see it, I’m peeking behind Gen!


Glen manor House Wedding


Cheers to the newlyweds!


Love the traditional cake cutting.



Special dances with special peeps.


Next up, everyone getting down! Even Grammy!


And now … late night snackies; milkshakes, fries, and egg and cheese sammies! Could it get any better?

Oh No We Did-NT

Yes, it could!

How about a full moon rising over the Sakonnet River for starts?

Trish had the idea to borrow the lanterns from the place-card display to create this glow-filled, full moon, pièce de résistance.

Glen manor House Wedding


Gen and Ben- Thank you so so much for having us at your Glen manor House wedding! We love your lurve! XOXO M+T

The Glen Manor is one of our all time favorite venues. Here’s another all time favorite Glen Manor House Wedding!

  1. Genevieve Moran says:

    Wow!! Thank you so much for telling the story of our wedding day with such beautiful pictures (and hilarious commentary!). You guys are truly masterful at capturing every single emotion perfectly. Thank you, Trish and Mariah!!!

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