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Nicole and Kevin’s Glen Manor Wedding

October 8, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

I love this quote, though not sure who to attribute it to…

Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is priceless.

But… what if you were lucky enough to be someone’s first love and last love? Now that would be something to celebrate!

And celebrate they did at Nicole and Kevin’s Glen Manor wedding. N + K have been sweethearts since high school! This wedding was eleven years in the making.

Glen Manor Wedding0001

Nicole is wearing an absolutely dreamy Reem Acra gown. Her hair and makeup is by Jennie Kay.

One thing I love about Glen Manor is how the ladies get ready upstairs…

Glen Manor Wedding0002

and so do the men… directly across the hall!

Glen Manor Wedding0003

Nicole may have known Kevin an awfully long time, but there’s another fella she’s known even longer. We arranged a first look for Nicole and her dad just before she saw Kevin. Awww…

Glen Manor Wedding0004

If any photo in this post makes you fall in love with Kevin, it will probably be the photo on the bottom left.

Glen Manor Wedding0005

The stunning bridal party.

Glen Manor Wedding0006

Nicole took everyone’s breath away. Her vision for the day was summer romance, which I think we can all agree she completely embodies.

When Kevin was in high school and he first developed a major crush on Nicole, he suffered a concussion playing soccer. At the hospital, he kept telling his family over and over, “Nicole is so hot.” That was their first exposure to the future Mrs. Kevin.

Glen Manor Wedding0007

The family formals are such an important part of the day.

Glen Manor Wedding0008

Making sure your parents and siblings are all together in a beautiful portrait for posterity should be a top priority!

Glen Manor Wedding0009

Nicole’s father said in his toast, “When your child finds true love, a parent true happiness.” Nicole’s dad must be one happy guy.

Glen Manor Wedding0010

Blackstone Caterers catered the party and Sayles Livingston created all the florals.

Glen Manor Wedding0011

Nicole is an excellent cascader, and speaking of cascading… her orchid bouquet is amazing!

Glen Manor Wedding0012

Sweet vows on the lawn.

Glen Manor Wedding0013

We love this view of the beautiful garden and Manor House.

Glen Manor Wedding0014

Kevin told Nicole that the ring he was putting on her hand was a sign of his “love and loyalness.” He meant to say faithfulness.

Moments after they were married he confessed, “I just made up a word!”

Nicole replied, “I know! It was so cute, I just went with it!”

Glen Manor Wedding0015

Faithfulness, loyalness… it’s all the same diff. And they’re MARRIED! That’s all that matters!

Glen Manor Wedding0016

Refreshments and congratulations all around.

Glen Manor Wedding0017

Summer romancing it all the way down to the water…

Glen Manor Wedding0018

These two! Again with the dreamyness! Does anything say summer more than Queen Ann’s Lace?

Does anything say romance more than the way Nicole and Kevin look at each other?

Glen Manor Wedding0019

And this one too- taking these photos was like eating a big piece of cake.

If I had to compare it to a flavor, lemon chiffon with raspberries I think… Delicious!

Glen Manor Wedding0020

A perfectly adorable first dance.

Glen Manor Wedding0021

Guess we can see where Nicole and Kevin get their dancing flair…

Glen Manor Wedding0022

The apple fell right under the tree!

Glen Manor Wedding0023

Night Rhythm Band… That is all.

Glen Manor Wedding0024

Love this send off photo! I think it shows how much love everyone has for this amazing couple. With this kind of support system, they should be just fine!

Glen Manor Wedding0025

And one more for good luck…a  classic farewell shot and its modern day version! The photo on the left is of Nicole’s grandparents! She asked us to be sure to get a similar shot of her and Kevin! Bon Voyage sweethearts, we absolutely loved being a part of your epic wedding day! XO



  1. Nicole LeBlanc says:

    Trish and Mariah – Thank you so much to your both for capturing our special day with these beautiful photos! Your ladies are so talented, kind, and fun, and I’m so glad that we got to work with you! How exciting to see our own wedding on the blog after 2+ years of drooling over all of your other lovely posts. Thank you again for these amazing pictures which we will treasure forever. 🙂

    • We know! The wedding seemed a long time coming, but then before you know it, it has come and gone! We’re so happy you love the post Nicole! Lots more beautiful photos to come, it was really hard just to pick this handful for the blog!

  2. Meg Boudreau says:

    Amazing pictures! You defintely captured the essence of a classic and beautiful wedding day. I love the last shot of Nicole and Kevin leaving in the car just like her grandparents, what a wonderful moment. Such a fun day and great celebration for the perfect couple!!

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