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Katherine and Patrick’s Castle Hill Wedding

October 14, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Are you ready for a Castle Hill wedding with a little extra razz-ma-tazz? Katherine and Patrick planned an Art Deco affair for their wedding, and much like their first dance, it was perfectly executed. Let’s get into the spirit of the era with a little 30’s slang. Aces.

Castle Hill Wedding0001

Patrick and Katherine really appreciate one another. They both said really sweet things about one another throughout the day.

Patrick said, “Katherine allows me to be who I am.”

What better compliment could you give someone? It seems such a simple concept, but it’s probably the hardest thing to actually do in a relationship.

Katherine said, “Patrick always thinks the best of people. I love his heart. It’s a better way to live.”

Castle Hill Wedding0002

Patrick almost blew his wig when he saw his sweet patootie. She’s a real tomato.

The feeling is mutual, Katherine confessed, “I always think my fiancee is cute, but in a tux he went from cute to ultra hottie.”

Castle Hill Wedding0003

When Patrick isn’t cutting a dashing silhouette in his tux, he’s actually known for being a little fashion challenged. I think it’s more that he has bigger, smarter, more important things to think about, kind of like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg who are both known to wear the same ultra casual outfit each day. That being said, there were a lot of jokes flying around about Patrick’s fashion sense.

Katherine even mentioned it in her vows, “Maybe I will learn to cook and you will become the best dressed guy in your office.” She teased.

Hey, who can be smooth 24/7?

Castle Hill Wedding0004

As for Katherine… “She has a flair for the dramatic.” Joked Patrick.

Katherine and Patrick are under an umbrella on this sunny day because as Katherine put it, “Five minutes in the sun and I could burst into flames.”

You may have a point there Patrick, but by all means let’s keep your kitten in the shade.

Castle Hill Wedding0005

The gang, squeeze in style.

Castle Hill Wedding0006

The Fam-dam-ily.


Signature cocktails, aka booze, hooch, giggle juice, mule.

Castle Hill Wedding0007

Fabulous florals by Stoneblossom, an amazing art deco cake by Confectionery Designs, and tent decor  by Exquisite Events. Jennie Kay did Katherine’s hair and makeup and Meg Simone of Meg Simone Wedding Films was our co-documenter! Overseeing the whole clam-bake? Pamela of PDR Events, making sure nothing gummed up the works.

Castle Hill Wedding0008

Mitt me kid! They’re married, even if that ring was a little stubborn!Castle Hill Wedding0009

Here’s that perfectly executed dance number I mentioned at the top of the post.

Katherine has gams for days! She should wear this dress every day of her life.

These two are a couple of cool cats. Though Katherine told me this isn’t really the true Patrick. She said, “Patrick can put on a tux and look the part but in real life he’s fun and casual, easy to be around, and hilarious.”

Getting togged to the bricks? Guess that just shows how dizzy Patrick is for his dame.

Castle Hill Wedding0010

Sweet sentiments and congratulations from Katherine’s father and Patrick’s brother.

Castle Hill Wedding0011

Katherine believes that love is an action verb. You shred it, wheat.

Castle Hill Wedding0012

Patrick cutting a rug with his pretty mother.

Castle Hill Wedding0013

Katherine as a scat singer.Castle Hill Wedding0014

Party’s getting wild! That’s because Beantown was their band.

Castle Hill Wedding0015

Guess it runs in the family!

Castle Hill Wedding0016

The one thing that could top this wing ding? A big honey cooler. {Kiss baby!}Castle Hill Wedding0017

  1. Katherine says:

    We LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you Mariah and Trish. You ladies are absolutely amazing and we had so much fun taking pics on our big day!!!

  2. Mary Sorensen says:

    Beautiful pictures, capturing the love, joy and fun of Katherine and Patrick’s wedding day! Thank you Mariah and Trish!

  3. Patrick Hebert says:

    Thank you so much, ladies! These photos are outstanding!

  4. Meg Simone says:

    It was so fun working with you “cool cats!” Your blog posts are just incredible! Not only a great way to showcase your stunning work, but I learned a thing or two about the 30’s! Aces! Timeless, classic, and art deco to a T! I still can’t get over her dancing dress and that cake! That’s a real wing dinger!

  5. Martha Edwards says:

    This is a fabulous record of a marvelous day, thanks for letting us be part of such a joyeous occassion.

    Cousin Martha and Clark

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