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Hilariously Adorable Wedding at the Glen Manor

July 9, 2019

We challenge you to find a more expressive duo than Melissa and Ryan!

They laughed and cried, then they made us laugh and cry … and laugh some more. In short, they won us over with their hilariously adorable love. Anytime I feel down in the future, I’m heading right back to this Wedding at Glen Manor to cheer myself up!

Photos by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team


A spring wedding at the Glen Manor means rhododendrons and LOTS of them.

Wedding at Glen Manor


Bridal Prep

Melissa’s dress was simple, but sexy! #hotstuff


I told Melissa she should back down the aisle instead of walking down facing forward – look at the back of this dress! Wowza!


Her girls agree, she’s stunning!


Must-have portrait.

Wedding at Glen Manor


But then this … so adorable!

Pranzi, who you may be familiar with as a caterer, also did their florals. They were amazing!


This is perfection. I wanted to throw my camera on the ground … I didn’t, there was still a long way to go. LOL.

Wedding at Glen Manor


Melissa and her beautiful blue-eyed mamma.

The lady bug hiding in the bridal bouquet was in remembrance of Melissa maternal grandmother.


Lovely Ladies!

Wedding at Glen Manor



A little bubbly helps calm the nerves.


Groom doin’ Groom Stuff

Speaking of nerves, enter Ryan. Ryan is a self-proclaimed nervous wreck.

However, if he was crazed today, he didn’t show it. He simply looked like he was having the time of his life ALL day.





I feel like this wedding at the Glen Manor was particularly bloomy.

Wedding at Glen Manor


Let’s do this!

Another must-have photo. Sometimes there’s simply no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Wedding at Glen Manor


Wedding at Glen Manor


Go time. Okay, there may be some nerves happening now.



I can’t describe the range of expressions this cutie had leading up to Melissa’s arrival, so sweet!



The excitement and emotion was palpable.


Best. Ever.


Melissa knows! She loves her nervous, adorable guy.


Ryan is absolutely smitten with Melissa too.



What could make a parent happier than their children finding true love?


Making it official.




Sweet Relief!

Everyone was overjoyed and overcome.


Some girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Some girls are more interesting… they come with a splash of rum. 🙂 #meljito


This one is for the future little Melissas and Ryans – both sets of grand parents and all the aunties and uncles in one photo!



Rhododendrons be poppin!


Posers. 🙂




Never taken this shot before … sometimes it is fun to reinvent the wheel!



Loving how the colors of the flowers outside are repeated inside!


This is one of my favorite photos from the day. In-between candids are the best. #realmoment

Wedding at Glen Manor


Things are about to get crazy

Someone is energized! 😉


I caption this… “Hey Girl,” just like another Ryan we know! Although in my opinion, this Ryan is more adorable. LOL


Not only did Ryan’s uncle officiate the ceremony, but he also performed their first dance song. He was awesome!


Fred and Ginger have nothin’ on these two.


So much love and support for these two crazy kids!



Glen Manor gets better as the evening goes on … therefore, cue the twinkle!


Melissa and Ryan met playing kickball. Additionally, that’s the kickball crew pictured below.


Jury is still out whether Melissa liked having cake smushed in her face. It did make for funny photos though … Just sayin’.

Wedding at Glen Manor


More twinkle!

Wedding at Glen Manor


They came, they danced, they partied! Silver Arrow Band was on fire.


OMG, garter gun launch commencing in T minus four.

Good Night … a good, good night

Just enough time left for some end of the evening romance…


Of course, it may be The End (of this wedding at Glen Manor) … but it’s only the beginning of Melissa and Ryan’s hilariously adorable lives!

Wedding at Glen Manor

Lastly, for more emotional wedding photos: Check THIS out!

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