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Downtown Providence G Wedding

May 24, 2019

Snapping Fun-loving, Quirky, and Eclectic Photos with Michelle & Tyler and Co.

We’re headin’ downtown… Photos by Mariah and Trish: Owner Team

The Graduate

We were anxiously awaiting Tyler and Michelle’s Downtown Providence G Wedding. We love a Providence wedding and were really excited to shoot at the G because it was a Snap first! Speaking of first… we started our day at The Graduate {formerly The Biltmore}, where Michelle and Tyler were staying.

Providence Wedding Invitation


Michelle had all her bridal accoutrements staged for us, so helpful! Love the Rhode Island State House peaking out from behind her dress.

Michelle has a ton of energy and expression and was super excited for the photos. Love those qualities in a bride! I mean, is she not the cutest?!


Let’s do this! Bridal time!


Michelle’s Mom and MOH helping her royal majesty. LOL, I say that because the MOH said she felt like a peasant helping Michelle on with her shoes!  She better be careful or, off with her head!


Loved this photo wall for our first bridal portrait. Michelle’s makeup is amazing. The window light was perfect!


Just having some laughs with {sparkly} friends…


Michelle has super nice parents. They’re so proud of their daughter. They were both tearing up during these photos.

Backstory about Michelle’s mom and dad, they told her not to skimp or cut corners on her wedding photos and here’s why…

They’re own wedding photographer was totally shady! Apparently, he had to close is business and tried to burn his studio down for the insurance money! Half of their wedding photos are singed!

History is NOT going to repeat itself this time. 🙂



Meanwhile, on a not so far away floor of the same hotel… this handsome guy was hanging out …


…with his favorite trouble-makers. Can you imagine being the mother of these three brothers?


Actually, Tyler’s mother AND his grandmother seem to enjoy every second with their boys. Tyler’s dad was a real sweetheart too!


We might have snuck behind the front desk in the lobby for this photo. Thanks nice people at The Graduate!



Ceremony Time

We got carried away with the preliminary photo-fun but now it’s time for the real reason we’re all here … the ceremony!



She said {I do}, He said {I do}.





First posed photo as Mr and Mrs!


A little unconventional, but we popped back in the church for a couple of cool shots. Hey, Michelle and Tyler are unconventional, so why not?!


Ode-y to Lil’ Rhode-y.


Reenacting every road trip Michelle has ever taken in Tyler’s vintage Jaguar. Ha-ha!


Downtown Providence

When they were first dating, Tyler lived in Providence and Michelle did not. This was the spot of many happy reunions, so naturally we went to the train station for a happily-ever-after photo.


Love how much these two love Providence, and how much they love each other.


There’s that sneaky State House again!

Waterplace Park

How about this view?! Insane! Waterplace Park is so pretty!


Know what we need? Some twirling…



Some nice bystanders clapped Michelle and Tyler into their wedding venue!


Downtown Providence G Wedding, here we come!


Providence G

Our favorite part of the Providence G was definitely the rooftop cocktail hour!


Did you know the “G” in the Providence G is there because it is in the old Providence Gas Company building?


More fabulous views!


It’s springtime downstairs in the ballroom…


Making an entrance.


Time to kick off this night right!



Tyler and Michelle Fan Club Founding Members



Let the wild rumpus begin!

The End

After awhile, it got pretty hot in the ballroom with all the crazy dancing, so we hit the streets for a little cool night air and a last photo for the album…


Love Providence as much as we do? Then how about another downtown Providence wedding post? Here you GO.

Tyler and Michelle, What a blast! Thank you so much for being true photo enthusiasts! XO Mariah and Trish


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