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Windy Newport Wedding at the Island House

April 25, 2019

What to do when it’s not just the view that’s blowing you away

Once I had a wedding planner tell me that the weather that upset his clients most was WIND. Right? A windy Newport wedding can be more troublesome then a rainy wedding! The thing is, when it’s raining, it’s obvious and easier to accept that going outside is not an option. When it’s blue-bird skies and sunshine looking out the window, but then you step outside and nearly are blown out to sea, it can be a difficult pill to swallow!

These unsuspecting beauties don’t know what they are about encounter … they’re foot-loose and wind-free up in the beautiful loft at the Belle Mer Island House.

Tricky blue skies and puffy clouds! Our approach to adverse weather is to bring the outdoors inside as much as possible in the photos. Luckily for us, that’s easy to do at Belle Mer.

I bet this guy was having a tough time pedaling over the bridge to Goat Island! Awesome way for our groom to arrive though!

Alyson and Ven had their first look outside- Alyson wanted to test the waters and see the how her hair style would hold up. She was still feeling optimistic, but …

…we weren’t outside for long! LOL

A girl must maintain her up-do at all costs!

Next we tried shooting behind the building, thinking it might be more protected. Turns out it was a wind tunnel. How fun are these photos though?

I have an idea … let’s head inside!

Windy candids are fun, but we also needed to get a few formal portraits without the gale force experience. We utilized the upstairs loft and the cocktail hour area inside Belle Mer for some civilized portraits.

We also shot some portraits in the ball room. The window light is fantastic in this room, so the portraits have an natural quality.

Plot twist! The wind died down right before the ceremony!

Notice Alyson’s veil isn’t blowing it all? It’s like it’s a different day!


Now that we were wind free, we did a few more “just married” photos of Alyson and Ven.


Gorgeous spring details.

At this point in the day, no one cares what it’s doing outside.

Wait! I take that back!

Swept up in the party fun.

Bouquet fail, ha-ha.

Sweet! In the end, the day was a total success, even though in the beginning, it blew. LOL!

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