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Cozy Mt Hope Farm Wedding at Cove Cabin

April 11, 2019

Vanessa and Paul are the kind of people who make you feel right at ease. They’re genuine, kind, and care deeply about everyone else’s comfort and happiness. Being at this cozy wedding Mt Hope Wedding at Cove Cabin was one of the best days of our season.

We started out the day with sunshine and butterflies. The butterflies on Vanessa’s dress were a nod to her grandma and a way to remember her on the wedding day.


Vanessa’s flower girl is a big fan. She made her this sweet gift. Anyone worthy of a treasure like this must be pretty special. What’s more precious than being important and impressive to a little girl? Not much in my book.




Putting on the finishing bridal touches.




Meanwhile… elsewhere in Bristol, Paul was also getting ready.


Getting to the church on time 🙂


Love Paul’s expression!




Not everyone has a receiving line, but it is an awfully nice way to greet all of your guests.

Takes a little time- but Vanessa and Paul are all about taking the time to make people feel special and welcome.


Ah, summer at Mt Hope Farm. Doesn’t get much quainter.


How about this little photo scenario? Perfectly framed.


Then… just spin around 180 degrees and get this! How about that blue sky?!


This is a spot on the drive down to the cabin- just a random, wooded, shady spot! Really love this vibe.


We also pulled off near a pretty pond.


This spot was in the woods near the pond. The light was perfection for portraits.


Vanessa and Paul were really excited about this spot we chose. They love walking in the woods, so it was very “them.”


So much nature goodness to choose from on the long drive from the barn to the cabin!


… But, eventually, you want to get to cocktail hour!


This is Pop Pop, he’s kind of Vanessa’s favorite human. (Sorry Paul). It’s easy to see why though. Adorable!


Simple, natural reception details. Perfect for the setting!


Paul taking the little wife for a spin… LOL


Funny toasts with a side of breathtaking setting.


Singing some family favorites with Pop Pop.


Oh my goodness, this was a day that just kept on giving!


The sunset was spectacular.


The golden hour light was romantic.


This shot is when we knew we had it in the bag. It’s everything you could want.


But a cake break  is always welcome!


Party under the stars.


And live …


Vanessa and Paul,

There’s not doubt in our minds you will! You’re the stuff classic romance movies are made of!

XOXO Mariah and Trish


  1. Vanessa and Paul Zagami says:

    Thank you so much!! You guys are truly amazing! The day was better than our dreams and you captured ALL of the most special moments and so much more!! We will cherish them for our lifetime!! We are so glad we were able to have your expertise and bubbly personalities cheering us on throughout the day and being so helpful!! Thank you for the amazing post and kind words! We appreciate you both!

    • Vanessa,

      That means a lot coming form you considering you are queen of the bubbly personalities!
      We’re so happy that you are happy with the photos!


      Mariah and Trish

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