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Great Big Bridal PAR-TAY! : Wedding at Rosecliff Mansion

April 2, 2019

Holy moley, this wedding at Rosecliff Mansion was a doozy!

26 bridesmaids and groomsmen? Now that’s what I call a bridal PAR-TAY!

Luckily, Olivia and JD knew full well what they were in for and totally embraced the insanity and hilarity that ensued. This is one fun-seeking, merry-making, dance-your-butts-off kind of crowd. Naturally, there was no shortage of action to Snap!

Let’s start with a quiet photo to kind of ease into it… aaah, so pretty.


When I {Mariah} arrived at the Viking Hotel, the gals were playing cards {in matching pj’s of course}.


Might have been a bit much to get dressed with the help of your 13 besties- so the MOH, {Olivia’s sister} got the honor.


Beautiful bridal portrait- thanks soft window light!

Hair and Makeup by the wonderful New Leaf Hair Salon.


Because all 13 bridesmaids + the bride + the moms were, not only ready on time, but ready EARLY {THANK YOU Em Devaud Events and New Leaf}; we were able to have time for portraits while everyone was fresh and perfect.

Keeping things running on schedule in the beginning of the day is SO important. We are eternally grateful to planners and hair/makeup artists who keep to the timeline.

It makes all the difference!


I mean, we had time to set this up! LOVE!


And we had time for Grammy! XOXO


Meanwhile, back at the man cave… I mean man porch…


The men are ready on time too! It’s a Trishmas miracle! LOL – she always manages to keep unruly dudes under control.

Seriously though… 14 devilishly handsome rascals out the door and onto the trolley ahead of schedule? Unheard of!


Such a pretty day! It was mid-July in case you’re wondering… and the summer game was going strong!


First look in the rose garden, fitting for a wedding at Rosecliff Mansion!


Pretty Roses in the Garden


CRAZY for this photo. Seriously, Vanity FLAIR.


Trying something a little different, family photos on the lawn in the front of the house.

We often use the stairs next to the lion statues, but I think this perspective is softer and you’re able to see more of the architecture.


Summery ceremony. Say that ten times fast.


These are the kind of photos that we love. They’re totally candid, unplanned, and tell a story.




This is definitely a scene you’d imagine if you were planning a wedding at Rosecliff Mansion. Right?


Best-man duties.




Olivia and JD spent the first half of the day surrounded by several dozen of their favorite people.

We thought it would be nice for them to have a few minutes to themselves {with us}. LOL


What you don’t see here is the videographer.

Photo and video should work together to stay out of each other’s shots.

Luckily we had the very nice and thoughtful JB Horn working with us this day, so we didn’t have to worry at all about that.

Thought I’d give him a shout out since he’s so incognito!


How about that water view?


I think this is my favorite photo from the day. Super Romantic!


This photo cracks me up…  JD charging full speed ahead, probably up to something mischievous and Olivia following like, wait a minute… you need a partner in crime {or… someone to bail you out!} LOL – Just kidding, JD is a lawyer, he can talk himself out of any trouble he gets into.


Ballroom on fleek. Blackstone catered.


Perfect partners.


It’s funny when your friends have the goods on you and share it publicly.


Guess what time it is?

Flipside Time! Such a great band! And these guys are ready to dance!


I wouldn’t usually post 8 photos of the cake cutting- but this series is so funny!


Nice words of gratitude. Good peeps!


Here’s where things start to get a bit wild! Smart kids know how to party too. 😉


Last but not least … an awesome send off for a great couple who really set the tone for a party to remember!


Olivia and JD,

What can we say? We’re still recovering! LOL

XOXO Mariah and Trish


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