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Candid Wedding Photos at Castle Hill

May 1, 2019

Snappers – Keepin’ it Candid

Posed Photos for Kristen and Brandon? As the kids say these days, “I’m not about that life.”

K + B wanted relaxed natural photos, nothing too silly, nothing fussy, nothing awkward. Relate?

Follow along … this is how to achieve candid wedding photos at Castle Hill. 🙂

Their first look was not even staged- they just met up and said, “Hey let’s go over there to take some pics.”

Kristen and Brandon both have A LOT of energy, so their tolerance for standing still for photos was about, mmm, 10 seconds. Strolling is more their vibe.

Ironic, considering Kristen is a show stopper.

Trekking is also their style.

The photo on the right was an in-between moment. I like this candid image better than any of the posed from this series.

Family Portraits are important, but that doesn’t mean it has to take an hour to do them. Look how nice and relaxed everyone is! It’s almost like they’re not being tortured.

Besties perpetrating hi-jinks in between serious takes.

Formals can feel relaxed too.

We told them they were done… LOL

I think this is how the whole bridal party probably feels, they’re just too polite to run away from us.

We love to snap a little portrait of the parents if time allows.

Even the details are easy breezy! Thanks Green Lion Design!

Okay seriously, time to get married.

Late Summer Perfection

Kids… they’re like, “Why walk when you can run?”


Quick trip to the lighthouse. Again, this spontaneous wind-induced moment has so much more to say then the standard portraits.

The photo on the right is actually my favorite photo of Kristen and Brandon, probably because they stood this way on their own. Natch’, natch.

We felt a few more photos were needed to show off the back of Kristen’s dress. You’re in agreement, I’m sure.

K + B snuck in a little dance practice before joining the reception.

Fabulous florals: Green Lion! Rawr!

Twinkly and Romantical!

Candids of the toasts are always the best.

I don’t even want to know what the best-man is saying, but at least Brandon thinks it’s funny.

Dance Moves… like father, like daughter. 🙂

But wait! Brandon and his mom are giving them a run for their money!

Good times!

And Good Night…

…A very good night!

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