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Whimsical Wedding in Newport

January 15, 2021

Are you ready for a fun treat?

Like soft serve with rainbow sprinkles, or pineapple pizza, or chocolate cover potato chips? We’re getting fun-filled over here with Paula and Jon’s Whimsical Wedding in Newport.

Paula and Jon are truly a BLAST (from the past). Their wedding was a few seasons back and it is jam-packed with amazing moments AND incredible vendors. At the top of our vendor friend list is Em Devaud, wedding planner extraordinaire who made all of Paula and Jon’s whimsical wedding dreams come true! SO excited to finally share this one!


Our Girl Getting Ready

Okay, right away we know we’re working with a fun girl right? I mean, she’s wearing a sparkly ball-gown but she wants to be ready to cut loose in her sandals.


Jennie Kay glamorizing Paula.


Glamour up one side and down the other, literally.


Paula’s parents seeing her complete bridal look for the first time- they approve.


So sweet, love these types of moments.


Always good to have an army of women at your disposal.


Having the best time already and the day has barely started.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport



Jon Getting Ready

Love how this photo mirrors the one above.


Just over here being handsome…


Arriving at St George’s Chapel

Trish likes to arrive to the Chapel with the boys to get some of the pretty details.


Love these happy faces.

She usually tries to get some organized photos of the men at the church before the guests arrive. At these point, the men need a project- they’re starting to get nervous, best to keep them busy!


If there’s enough time, we’ll do the groom with each of his friends as well. That photo on the left of the best man kills me.


Now we come to the best part of the wedding, Eva. She’s Paula and Jon’s rescue pup. J + P generously made a donation to the SPCA in their home town on behalf of their guests. Love that idea in lieu of favors! We are BIG animal lovers over here!

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Eva’s beautiful flower collar was created by Flowers By Semia, along with the rest of the amazing florals- more on that later!


Paula’s bridal portrait, the first of a few 😉 Can’t help it, she’s so expressive!


How sweet are BFF pics? Posed photos DO NOT have to be boring, stiff, fake, or cringey! They can be meaningful, emotional, and timeless.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Ditto with Mama.

If you are feeling the love during our formal photos session, PLEASE do not be afraid to express it! Hug, smooch, laugh, cry (happy tears only) – don’t hold it in. Your photos will thank you for it.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Time To Get Married

Paula went to high school at St George’s. She met local Newport hottie, Jon in town, and BAM! love lightening struck them. Now here they are…


All paths led to this point in time. #meanttobe



This space is so beautiful. LOVE shooting here.




Joy! This is the best moment.




Refreshments waiting just outside the chapel doors.


It’s not a Rhode Island party until the Del’s shows up.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Mr and Mrs!


Eva stuck around for some photos with her mom and dad. She’s so adorable, just want to squeeze her!

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Formal Family Portrait.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Okay, here’s a huge Snap Insider Tip!

What vendor do we love seeing the most? Laurie from Lucky Dog Resort, because it means there is a super cute doggo on the property. If you need someone to watch your pup, keep them overnight, bring them for photos, etc… she is your girl!


Some cold relief before we launch into round 2 of the photos.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Family Pics…


Bridal Party …


Woah! Bridal Portrait #2! Absolutely gorgeous. Look at that bouquet too, gah!


The lawn at St George’s with a killer view of Second Beach.


Fun with Friends at Belle Mer.

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Enjoying cocktail hour.



Let’s Take a Peek Inside the Reception

Stunning Floral Design by Flowers by Semia, but also so much fun!

The escort card table is so important- it’s the first thing your guests will see!


A little closer up…

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Moving inside the ballroom…

Love this head table! Whimsical wedding in Newport, right?!

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Whimsical Wedding in Newport


So many angles!

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Confectionery Designs created this masterpiece!

Whimsical Wedding in Newport



Paula and Jon – first taking Newport by storm, next … the World! LOL

Whimsical Wedding in Newport



Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Love those little toes peeking out. 🙂


Toasts are one of my favorite parts of the reception. You learn so much about the couple- but also it’s so easy to get great candids of the guests when the toast is awesome.


Keeping a Watch on The Sunset

We always keep an eye out for optimum sunset time and will pull you out of the reception for a few minutes to capture it. The last ten minutes before the sun goes down is usually the best. We like to coordinate with the staff at your venue so this can happen in between courses, or in between toasts.



More toasts!


Belle Mer Bonus! Fireworks across the way at Fort Adams.


This cake is almost too pretty to eat- except it’s also delicious!


Party Time with Eye to Eye Band.


Goofballs. One of the nice things about staying into the party is photos like this happen. LOL

Whimsical Wedding in Newport


Something about this photo is so cute.


Party Flair.


Ah, I love this photo. Savoring every last second of the evening. It goes by so fast but it’s such a fun ride.


If you loved Paula and Jon’s whimsical wedding in Newport, you’re going to love their engagement session too- check it out, yes… Eva was there!


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