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A Rainy Day Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club

August 17, 2016


Trish and I were really looking forward to Ashley and Dinis’ wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club. Truth be told, we kind of fell in love with these two at their Downtown Providence Engagement Session. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to be around them but I will try….

….So, you read a romance novel, or watch a romantic tv show {in my case Sassenach, it’s Outlander} because you want to be swept up in the exciting chemistry of the characters. You want to walk around feeling all dreamy as if you’re the one in the relationship right? Unfortunately, we all know that’s not real life, so that’s why we have these kind of escapes, so we can live vicariously through the characters. No one’s relationship is really like that. Right?

Wrong. Ashley and Dinis are living it people, and we’ve got the photos to prove it.

Ashley is about as feminine as it gets. She is sassy, smart, sweet, and sexy {with an extra helping of sassy}.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0001

She gets all of those lovely traits from her beautiful mother Jeanne, seen here helping her with her earrings.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0002

We love the many fabulous sides of Ashley. She’s a vision from every angle.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0003

And Dinis… he’s about as manly as it gets. Dinis adores Ashley who’s only competition is Nina the Chihuahua {pictured above}. Luckily his two ladies get a long just fine.

Dinis is a MMA fighter…and he’s also the sweetest, most emotive groom we’ve ever photographed. He’s kind of the total package. I mean look at him… adorable and tough as nails.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0004

Ashley is used to being treated like the queen that she is. Her father taught her that.

Here is Patrick, the FOB giving his beautiful daughter a pearl bracelet before taking her to the church.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0005

Man Posing … this is how you do it.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0006

Right before we left for the church a massive storm moved in dumping buckets of rain on Providence.

I will tell you why this was a major problem…

When Ashley came to visit us for a planning session we asked her what wedding moment she was most looking forward to.

She said, “Walking up to the church with my long veil flowing out behind me.”

So how do we achieve that photo in a downpour? Trish was determined to make this photo happen for Ashley. She had brought along this clear umbrella and made sure all the men had black umbrellas. She ran out into the rain and organized the men into this “pose”. It wasn’t quite what Ashley had pictured but the compromise is too fabulous for words.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0007

And then because Trish is a photo super hero, she also got this one {right}… Ashley walking up the church steps with her long veil trailing out behind her. My hero.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0008

When we asked Dinis what wedding moment he was most looking forward to he said, “Seeing Ashley walk down the aisle, I just want to marry my best friend.”

Almost did a mic {camera} drop after this one.

Has a better groom reaction photo ever been snapped? Not by this snapper.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0009

Ashley making Dinis a husband.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0010

These two couldn’t be happier.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0011

Two Besties Married!

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0012

These are always my favorite moments of a wedding without fail.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0013

Not only do Ashley and Dinis have each other, they have A LOT of fun friends.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0014

Let’s hear it for the moms!

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0015

Did I mention that when we got to Kirkbrae the rain had stopped and everything was soft and dreamy and romantic? Of course it was.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0016

Cutest members of the bridal party {left} and my favorite Ashley and Dinis formal photo {right}.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0017

The signature cocktail was a play on Dinis’ MMA career.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0018

Sneaking in a few moments alone before the ballroom was opened up for the guests.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0019

Ashley and Dinis know how to make an entrance.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0020

The toasts… something to make you cry, something to make you laugh.

The best man, Nelson was REALLY nervous about giving his toast. He claims that public speaking is not his thing but he totally nailed it by keeping it sweet, sincere, and short. We’ve seen A LOT of toasts and this one was perfect. It’s best to say something heartfelt about your friend, make a sincere observation about the bride and the groom as a couple and then wish them the best… done. Avoid at all costs… inside jokes, inappropriate stories best left in the past, cursing, and dragging on and on. Seems obvious right? You’d be surprised. Call Nelson- he can tell you how it’s done.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0021

Parent dances with a special song from Dinis’ talented father.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0022

When they’re not kissing, they’re clowning.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0023

The End. Just like that novel or your favorite series you never want it to end. Good thing there are photos to re-live it all.

Wedding at Kirkbrae Country Club0024

Ashley and Dinis, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for having us as part of your wedding at Kirbrae Country Club. We sincerely loved getting to know you both and your lovely families. We hope we did your love story justice! XOXO Mariah and Trish


Trish organizes those awesome rainy photos outside the church {left}. The look on her face says, “I am miserable yet determined.” LOL.

I break my policy {right} of showing the back of the camera to the bride. Couldn’t help myself this time!


  1. Stef says:

    I LOVE the photo of the bride walking up the steps in the rain with her groomsmen helping her out! Such a beautifully captured moment! Actually – ALL of your pictures are perfect!

  2. Ashley Paiva says:

    We really couldn’t be anymore amazed with the work that Mariah and trish did with our wedding. Doing their absolute best to capture not only the major moments of our day but the little intricate moments that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime. We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. this is beautiful! Xoxoox go snap! 🙂

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