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An Elegant Misquamicut Club Wedding

September 2, 2016

Misquamicut Club Wedding0001

Westerly is a special place for Lauren and Serge. If you’ve never been to Westerly Rhode Island in the summer, you are missing out because it’s truly a New England gem. Naturally,  a Misquamicut Club wedding was the perfect venue for Lauren and Serge to be surrounded by the place and the people that they love.

We’d never shot a Misquamincut Club wedding, so we had fun watching the plans come together after our meetings with Lauren, Serge, and Lauren’s mom {planner extraordinaire}, Sheryl. Luckily, when the day arrived it was a quintessential summer afternoon, giving us the full summer time loveliness of the area.

Lauren’s pretty bouquet is by Stoneblossom.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0002

Lauren’s gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring belonged to Serge’s grandmother.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0003

Lauren is a busy nurse, so it was originally her mother Sheryl who contacted us. We loved her instantly! She’s an adoring, thoughtful mother and a smart, successful woman with impeccable taste. What’s not to love? What a role model she is!

During one of our planning meetings, we asked her which photos she was most looking forward to. She said she wanted photos of Lauren and herself during the “getting ready.” I just love this photo of Sheryl and Lauren. The way Sheryl is touching Lauren is so sweet. She’s so proud of her daughter.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0004

Lauren told us she wanted to make sure to get a proper bridal portrait and a photograph with her veil over her face. I agree with Lauren, those are classic photos.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0005

We also did some photos like these. Why not have both? Lauren wanted it all, and frankly we think she deserves it!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0006

Meanwhile, at his parent’s home in Watch Hill, Serge is getting ready to meet his bride at the ceremony. Serge is just about the friendliest, nicest person you will ever meet.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0007

He’s very excited to be marrying Lauren.

Look at that blue sky! What a backdrop for the ceremony!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0008

Lauren also wanted to make sure she got some special photos with her father. Trish took this beautiful portrait {left} moments before the ceremony. I love their pose.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0009

Lauren and Serge have an fantastic story …

Misquamicut Club Wedding0010

Basically they met because Serge’s car broke down.

Serge hates the train, but since his car was in the shop he was forced to take the Green Line into work with his friend {the best man} one morning. A pretty brunette sat down next to him on the train. She was struggling with her phone, trying to update her operating system, {romantic I know, but wait!}

While Serge lent her a hand, he thought about asking for her number. Unfortunately, before he could, her stop came up and she got off the train. His best man made sure to point out Serge’s missed opportunity.

A few weeks later, Lauren was meeting a friend at a hotel bar and sat down in the only available seat. When she turned to speak to the man sitting next to her it was Serge!

He said, “You’re the girl from the train! Well now I have to ask you out, the universe wants me to!”

And just like that Serge got the girl!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0011

Now she’s his wife.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0012

What is it about golf carts? They are so darned fun! The bridal party took the carts out to the 11th tee for photos.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0013

A photo for the future generations… Lauren, Serge, and their parents.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0014

The Bridal Party.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0015

Lauren has a romantic streak a mile wide. In fact she told us that what she wanted most was ROMANTIC photos! The veil, kissing, dipping, closeups, faces together, snuggly, hands and arms intertwined… her exact words! Okay Lauren you’ve got it! Luckily Serge is happy to oblige and the Snap Girls are all about the romance!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0016

Cue the romance!

And cue the sunset!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0017

A classic summer wedding, this tent had Sheryl’s excellent party planning skills all over it! Stunning table arrangements by Stoneblossom.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0018

So pretty!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0019

A bit more romance on the dance floor.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0020

Stepping back to take in the party and the lovely twilight.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0021

Meanwhile, under the tent…

Misquamicut Club Wedding0022

Parent dances, too sweet.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0023

Romantic, funny, a snappy dancer and tech savvy?! Serge is a keeper!

Misquamicut Club Wedding0024

The perfect romantic ending to a perfectly romantic day.

Misquamicut Club Wedding0025



Now I have to brag about Lauren and Serge – they were married on June 18th and their finished album arrived yesterday! We are shipping it today, which means that in less than three months they’re receiving their album! Woo -hoo! I must also brag about Trish for creating their beautiful layout in such a timely fashion! Once they received Trish’s layout they made a few changes, approved it and presto! Here it is!

Snap Weddings Albums0001

Sometimes people take out the details, trying to conserve photos {much to our dismay}. These photos are the scene setters! Not only that, they are the details that you agonized over and the illustration of your vision for your day, leave them in your layout!

Snap Weddings Albums0002

Of course, lots and lots of romantic photos are a must have too!

Snap Weddings Albums0003



Just a few goofy shots of the snappers at work. Yes, I am in the shower. What can I say? I needed to back up for the shot!

Behind The Snaps0001

Me taking that dreamy photo of Lauren in the chair {in the post above}. Thank you big filtered light source!

Behind The Snaps0002

Trish is always cracking everyone up! We do try to keep it fun!

Behind The Snaps0003

Lauren and Serge, thank you for having us at your very romantic and elegant Misquamicut Club wedding. We LOVED documenting your day. Also, thank you for ordering such a pretty album. It’s actually kind of hard to part with it but I will rip it out of Trish’s hands and send it on it’s way today!

xoxo Mariah and Trish

  1. Lauren Gagarin says:

    There are no words to express how happy and grateful we are to have found Mariah and Trish at Snap! to photograph our special day. For me, the wedding photographs were one of the most important aspects of planning our wedding. I am incredibly sentimental and I really wanted to capture every possible moment. From the moment we met them they were so warm, friendly and funny (I don’t have sisters but that’s how I imagine big sisters would be :-)) and yet incredibly professional in every aspect of what they do. They listened and really cared about what we wanted. Their artistry is amazing, and they seem to know just the right moment to click the camera to get those heartwarming candids that truly capture the moment. Mariah and Trish, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us a collection of memories that we will cherish for years to come.

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