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A Stroll Through Waterplace Park Engagement Session

September 7, 2016


Erin and Mike got the perfect summer evening for their Waterplace Park Engagement session. This was exactly the kind of night I was picturing for them. I imagined meeting an hour before sunset and strolling the river with soft golden light peeking out between the buildings… voila!

Waterplace Park is beautiful and romantic, it’s located in the center of downtown Providence and is four acres in total surrounded by a tidal basin. I love that you get the feel of the city + a “water background” vibe. The park is lined by riverwalks and footbridges that connect downtown to College Hill {Brown Univeristy and RISD} and the East Side.


This was our first time meeting Erin and Mike, what a treat! They are fantastic; both teachers, both down to earth, both sharing my love of Block Island {which is where they’ll be getting married next year}. Mike is a tech-ed teacher so it was fun to geek out with him about f-stops and lenses and what not.

Note to Mike: Sweet macro lens action on that ring shot below huh?!

And note to Erin {the English teacher}: Please excuse my creative use of punctuation!


Summer Romance!


Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! You look so carefree and relaxed in these photos, I think that’s because you were still on summer break. Good thing we got the shoot in before the start of school! LOL.


  1. Dana Dayton says:

    The pictures are beautiful!! Erin and Muke really enjoyed the time with you.
    (I’m Erin’s mom)

  2. Liz Dayton says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!! So excited for the two of you.

  3. Erin Dayton says:

    ❤️ We cannot thank you guys enough–not only for the beautiful pictures, but for such a wonderful experience. You both were so warm and welcoming, we felt at ease within seconds of our meeting. I can’t wait for the wedding so that we can hangout (and tease Mike) again. I love how you captured the lighting, the water, and the summer vibe! ⚓️

  4. Doreen Bono says:

    You definitely captured the best of Mike & Erin!

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