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A Sailing Inspired Wedding at Belle Mer

September 22, 2016


Today may be the first day of fall, but Jackie and Keith’s sailing inspired wedding at Belle Mer will make you feel like summer was just yesterday… which actually it was, never mind! It was an absolute joy preparing this blog post, Jackie’s details are so lovely! Everything about this wedding was perfection by the sea.

We started out with a photo of the rings nestled inside of a shell box. I often like to start my day by photographing the rings, and this pretty detail was the perfect spot for them,

Next, was Jackie’s bouquet, stunning! By Stoneblossom of course.



Moving on from the wedding bouquet to the the wedding shoes, but we’re still dripping with fabulous florals!


Mermaids or bridesmaids in that pretty shade of sea foam?


Jackie and her beautiful, stylish mom are very close. I love these sentiments.


Keith getting ready, adjusting his anchor tie clip and looking very dashing in his blue suit.


Jackie is a vision. She looks so easy breezy, so fresh faced, so “I just rolled out of bed looking like a mermaid-bride.” How does she do it!?

Well, number one- she’s gorgeous. Number two, she had Jennie Kay Beauty create her bridal makeup and hair. Number three, her adorable dress {with pockets!} is by Kate McDonald and she got it from The White Dress by the Shore in Clinton CT.

I think Keith approves of the look…


Bring in the bridal party and cue the sailboat!

Sailing inspired wedding at Belle Mer? No problem, there’s no shortage of sailboats.


The ceremony site, by Stoneblossom.


Wedding inspiration time! Ribbons and little bells on a stick- love this idea.

“Wave your wand with joy and laughter and wish the bride and groom happily ever after.”

Totes adorbs.


Mirrors and driftwood, yes.


Lovely sea foam details to compliment the bridesmaids dresses.

The nautical knot was a prominent theme in the wedding as well. Here we have it on the cover of the guest book…


… and also making a sneaky but sugary sweet appearance on the wedding cake by Confectionery Designs.


And the reason why … “A sailors knot, which is a true lovers knot, is the strongest knot there is.”


These beautiful paper pieces are from  Lettres Stationery in Avon CT and they were created by Dauphine Press in New Jersey.


Pops of Pink at the reception.


Pretty detail on the back of the ceremony programs.


Marriage time!

Those are the Yacht Club Rejects featured in the center photograph. They played for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

When I said Jackie had this sailing inspired wedding at Belle Mer  theme down, I was not kidding.


Vows and kisses with a stunning backdrop.


A rope ceremony to tie it all together…


Bells and Ribbons on sticks! Again, best idea ever.


A few married portraits in pretty, soft light.


Jackie and Keith actually enjoying their cocktail hour! We love to see this!


Sunset romance.


Time to pop the champagne and get the party started.


One more of the too- pretty- to- eat cake.






The new Mr and Mrs!


A sweet moment on the dance floor.


I guess the cake was almost too pretty to eat…


Fun- For sure!


Jackie and Keith- you sure made us look good! LOL! I felt like I was shooting a spread for a wedding magazine all day. Everywhere I turned there was something or someone {YOU} beautiful to photograph. You were both as lovely as the atmosphere you created, thank you for having us document your sweet day!

XO Mariah and Trish


Yay! Me and my home girl Joyce, the brains and the beauty behind Stoneblossom. Joyce is such a talented florist and equally talented business woman that in our own business Trish and I often find ourselves asking… WWJD? What would Joyce do? She’s quite an inspiration!


Another inspiring character, Mark Soliday the talent behind Confectionery Designs. I’m not giving him the brains or the beauty categories because both of those accolades belong to his wife Marie. He’ll have to make do with talent… oh and I meant delicacy genius not delicate genius lol! 😉


Not sure what Trish is so hacked off about but she’s storming off the set. Apparently she, “Can’t work like this.” Is it because Keith won’t stop sniffing the flowers? I mean they do smell really nice. Anyway, it looks like she got over herself long enough to photograph the ballroom.


Most of the time I’m really “on” … but occasionally my ideas do not pan out.


I hope you enjoyed this installment of Behind the Snaps!

  1. Beth Mineo says:

    Can’t even begin to tell you how beautiful these photos are, you captured every little detail. Both of you were an absolute JOY to work with. We knew from the moment we met you were the right team, easy the pre-work meeting for Jacqueline & Keith’s thoughts, the ability to work with you via email for contracts/payments, etc.. to the day of, which allowed us all of us to really enjoy Jacqueline & Keith’s Wedding day, you were in the background Snap (ing) away which allowed us to be with our guests. I love the slide show, each and every photograph, and now this blog. I have forwarded to Rosemarie Belo at Letters, Alexandra @ White Dress by the Shore, Dave Stenja @ Yacht Club Rejects, Joyce @ Stoneblossom, and Jenny @ Jenny Kay. I again, can’t thank you enough, your work is beautiful and will be treasured for a lifetime.
    Love to you both,

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