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#albumsr4eva : How to Stay One Step Ahead of Technology

September 28, 2016



We love handing our clients a complete collection of beautiful photography in physical form. We believe that your photos do not really exist unless they are printed. The reason? Technology changes so fast that the way we view our photos today may be obsolete tomorrow.

Just in our time as professional photographers, the technology for storing images has gone from film negatives, to digital files on CD,  to the current way of providing files on USB Drives. That’s three different types of storage in the last ten years! Think of this, many of the computers made now don’t have CD drives, which means the clients we photographed between 3 and 7 years ago probably cannot view their wedding photographs on their computers. If they never made an album with us that means they are left with… nothing. Heartbreaking!

We include an album in all of our Collections. Our clients visit us before the wedding and choose their covers, parent albums and framing to add to their collection. Ilia and Leo’s lovely collection is pictured above. In five years, ten years, twenty years, fifty years, the only technology that Ilia and Leo will need to view their wedding photos are their eyes and their hands. That makes us rest easy at night!

Pictured from Clockwise from Left: 10×10 Parent Albums in Champagne Silk, 24″ Deluxe Round Frame, Engraved Bamboo Album Box, Petite Ornate Frame, Double 12×12 Album Set in Silver Moon Silk with Photo Inset.

Stay one step of ahead of technology and make sure you are able to enjoy your wedding photos for your whole lifetime!


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