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A Newport Beach House Wedding

December 18, 2018

A Fun Loving Group of Family and Friends Hit the Beach!

photographed by mariah + trish: owner team


This was our first ever Newport Beach House wedding! Woo-hoo! There could be no better couple for our maiden voyage then Sarah and Zach! These two are so cute, so compatible, so in love and so darn expressive! Looking back over these photos to prepare the blog gave us mile wide smiles. Go ahead, try not smiling when you see their photos- I dare you!

Can we talk about this view?

Wow! There aren’t many venues where you can be ON THE BEACH. Most of the time, the ocean is a thin strip of blue in the background of our photos. 🙁 Not here! 🙂 The big blue ocean is all up close and personal. Just like we like it!


Chandler Florals created all the beautiful bouquets and arrangements.




Let me apologize, no let me explain… {Why we’ve posted so many photos of the first look}.

Couldn’t help ourselves.

Normally we are of the, “one image from each scenario” blogging mindset. We’re not big fans of multiple images from one scene. Normally we find that pretty boring. Sara and Zach are an exception to our rule. There were just too many fantastic expressions to pick one image to represent their cuteness. Agree?


Now we need close ups of Zach’s face seeing Sara, because just look at him!


Plus that sky! Had to get both directions!


And this one? Perfection! Look at that romance, look at that sparkly background- cue the wind to blow the veil! Gah! LOVE!


It was mid October at this Newport Beach House wedding … you’d never know it from the photos though.


It was one of those super blue sky days!


Family portraits and cute in-between moments.


Bridal party with a killer view … check!


It was decided the ceremony would be inside… it was just a little too chilly out on the beach for the guests. This is not a bad alternative … views for days!


Time to get these lovebirds married!


Sara and Zach’s details blended perfectly with the already fabulous decor at the Newport Beach House.


Mr and Mrs.


Looks like it’s going to be a good party…


Smushed noses are the best.


Hora your hearts out!


This is a group of comics…




A fabulous end to our first ever Newport Beach House wedding!

So excited to do a lot more snapping at this amazing venue in 2019.

Many thanks to Sara and Zach and their lovable, hilarious families for having us. It was a blast!

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