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Photographing a Wedding for the Family of a Wedding Photographer

January 8, 2019

A Belle Mer Wedding By Trish + Mariah: Snap Owner Team


Loryssa’s family has high expectations for photography on a regular day… never mind the wedding day of their only daughter! Loryssa’s grandfather was a well known and well respected wedding photographer and her father grew up exposed to the photography industry. {Bad puns always intended}  Needless to say, the photography for Loryssa’s wedding was a top priority in the planning of the big day.

It’s always an honor when clients who know photography decide that we are the best fit for them. Back in the day, that might have been intimidating but now it’s just a challenge to make everyone’s photo dreams come true!



Loryssa has the sweetest smile and prettiest eyes. She had this lovely expression all day … probably because she was marrying the man of her dreams! That tends to go a long way toward happy expressions. {Champagne never hurt either}.


Loryssa and her mom are #motherdaughtergoals


Checking the weather before we leave for the first look.


Anthony is quiet and thoughtful. Still waters run very deep.


We chose Ledge Road for Loryssa and Anthony’s first look. They wanted a special spot to see each other for the first time … something out of the way, dramatic, and uniquely Newport.




The view from this spot is incredible. We also lucked out with the blue skies and zero wind.


Anthony loves cars! Loryssa’s family surprised him with a Ferrari to drive his bride around town. So nice!


Bridal Party looking good. 🙂


Family is so important to Loryssa and Anthony. They both have such appreciation and gratitude for the generations that paved the way for them.


Cue the soft skies and the sailboats, we’ve got photo magic to make!


Welcoming Details


Loryssa and her grandpa signing the ketubah.


Trish and I call this portion of the day, “photographing the guests streaming.”

This is a big moment that people anticipate right?


Gooooo Team!


Everyone is so happy and proud.


Love these three photos of Loryssa’s processional. They really show off how beautiful Belle Mer is. Also… that veil! Gah!


Loryssa and Anthony met their first day of college when they were moving in! They’ve been looking at each other like this ever since!


Mazel Tov!




Sunset photos right before intros… love it when the timing works out like that!


Winston Churchill once said, “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” Smart man.


Challah with gramps.


Good wine and good friends is a good combo.


Love the tradition of the groom’s cake! This one was a nod to Anthony’s Italian heritage. The cappuccino was a nice touch too!


Belle Mer’s fire pit, the bridge all lit up and twinkly at night, and a snuggling Mr and Mrs as the last photo… it’s a Snap Classic!


To the Millman’s and the Dello Stritto’s…. THANK YOU! It would be a big understatement to say that you were wonderful clients. Thank you for trusting us with Loryssa and Anthony’s photos. Being a part of their beautiful day was truly such an honor for us. We loved working with you, getting to know you, and of course … meeting Grandpa Millman! Photos are Forever!!!

  1. Susan Millman says:

    Mariah and Trish you both exceeded our expectations !!! I love every picture !! Thank you so much !!!
    Susan ( mother of the beautiful bride )

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