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Michelle and Ed’s Oceancliff Wedding

November 11, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Michelle and Ed are just about the sweetest people on the planet and spending the day at their Oceancliff wedding was truly our pleasure. These two cuties met while doing good-doobie work building homes for people in need through their alma-mater, St. Anslem. Told you they were sweethearts.

Michelle isn’t only kind she’s also extremely organized and thoughtful. Case in point, my ring shot below. When I arrived to shoot the getting ready, she said, “I noticed you like to take the photo of the rings on shiny surfaces, so I brought you these sequined papers.” Consider me floored, thank you my little photo assistant! Your sequined paper squares worked out perfectly! Oooh sparkly!

Oceancliff Wedding0001

Michelle also had all of the gowns unwrapped and hanging for me, I think they make a great backdrop for her adorable champagne candid!

Oceancliff Wedding0002

Meanwhile, Trish was photographing Ed with his man-cessories. Michelle is a natural care giver, she had all of Ed’s things organized in a bin for him… and Trish. 😉

Oceancliff Wedding0003

Ed wrote Michelle the most beautiful love letter. He’s head over heels for her.

Oceancliff Wedding0004

And Ed, well… like the card says, he’s the love of Michelle’s life.

Oceancliff Wedding0005

Michelle’s friend Alan of ART Jewelry, created her unique vintage inspired jewelry. And of course, Michelle brought along this mirror for me to use as a prop.

Oceancliff Wedding0006

Michelle and her very helpful bridesmaids!

Oceancliff Wedding0007

Ed is dappered up and ready to roll to the church.

Oceancliff Wedding0008

A little portrait of Michelle outside the Gatehouse before she becomes a Mrs.

Oceancliff Wedding0009

Ed was waiting patiently at the end of the aisle. Who wouldn’t want to marry this face?!

Oceancliff Wedding0010

When were these photos taken? 1950? 1960? Timeless, love it.

Oceancliff Wedding0011

When we met with Michelle she told us she really loved the photos we take in the woods, with sparkly light backdrops. On the way to her wedding we went on a reconnaissance mission to find the most perfect dreamy wooded lane to photograph her in. Nailed it! We’d do anything for her! Just look at the sweetness!

Oceancliff Wedding0012

A country lane for family photos? Yes please. We only had to move aside twice for horses coming through. True story.

Michelle’s family.

Oceancliff Wedding0013

Ed’s family.

Oceancliff Wedding0014

Fairy pixie beauties, with bouquets by Toni Chandler.

Oceancliff Wedding0015

The bridal party, these guys were amazing. They were so cooperative and nice, they really wanted to be helpful to their friends.

Oceancliff Wedding0016

So, Trish and I are OBSESSED with Queen Ann’s Lace. I mean, we are totally insane for it. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve driven by a field of Queen Ann’s Lace on a Wednesday and had no bride to stick in it. Depressing! This day, the stars aligned. We found the field, we had magical light, and we had the prettiest girl I can imagine for this location. Michelle is perfection, a bride fitting of a field like this!

Oceancliff Wedding0017

We added Ed in for good measure. Cue the romance.

Oceancliff Wedding0018

A little stop at Third Beach with more magical late afternoon light.

Oceancliff Wedding0019

The ballroom at Oceancliff, as shot through the outside window at sunset. Sneaky!

Oceancliff Wedding0020

The ballroom was so pretty! Cake by Wright’s Dairy Farm.

Oceancliff Wedding0021

A choreographed number, executed flawlessly. DJ, Luke Renchan Entertainment.

Oceancliff Wedding0022

When your friends with Michelle, you can’t help but tell her how fabulous she is.

Oceancliff Wedding0023

Snuggling sweethearts.

Oceancliff Wedding0024

Love the bouquet toss! Michelle really got some air!

Oceancliff Wedding0025

Frankly, the cuteness was a bit out of control. I’m not sure how much more of this we could take! Michelle and Ed, I just know someday these photos will be sitting in frames on a table at the wedding of your grand daughter,  and you’ll be the cute little old couple still cuddling up on the dance floor. It’s going to be a pretty sweet life for you- congratulations! XO Mariah and Trish

Oceancliff Wedding0026


Here we are in our top secret location. LOL. It’s not really top secret, it’s just a random side street in Portsmouth on the way from the church to the venue. When we plan to stop along the way for photos, Trish and I will drive the route earlier in the afternoon to find a few choice locations. It’s often a surprise to the bride and groom because we choose it based on time of year, time of day {i.e. light} and weather {wind, fog, etc.}. If you have a location in mind, don’t get too attached to it because depending on those factors it might not work on your wedding day. Like the veil, it’s better to go with the flow and let us pick something unexpected out for you. Trust is key- we will always have your best photo interest in mind!

Oceancliff Wedding0027

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures and your kind words in the post! I could not be happier that I chose the two of you to capture our day! The locations and light you chose were perfect, and Trish was masterful with my veil!

  2. Jill marquis says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You really knew how to capture this couple the love and the beauty. It was this day to the T. Great job!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Such beautiful photos! These girls were so good to the wedding party and a delight to work with.

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