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Colleen and Omar’s Belle Mer Island House Wedding

November 13, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

I beautiful blue eyed tennis sensation locked eyes with a handsome well dressed cricket player across a crowded silent disco. They fell in LOVE and here we are at their Belle Mer Island House Wedding.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0001

Guess which player this one is?

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0002

Omar gifting cufflinks to his best mates. Omar is from Australia, so that’s why these guys are mates, not pals or buddies, but either way they are good friends.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0003

Warning! Gratuitous tennis and cricket puns ahead!

Omar and Colleen had headphones on at the silent disco, but I guess not much needed to be said once they spotted each other, it was a match.

Omar is a very confident guy, that’s a good thing, if he had a case of the Yips he might never have won the lovely maiden. As it is, Omar is an All-rounder so naturally he bowled her over.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0004

Colleen and Omar had a first look at the Newport Marriott before heading to the Elms Mansion for their formal photos.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0005

The Elms Mansion is an absolutely stunning property and perfect for formal portraits.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0006

Colleen and Omar strolling the grounds. They have relocated to Bermuda for work, which may lead you to wonder…why on earth would they have their wedding in New England?

See photo below.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0007

The day was pretty much a comedy show from the very start… not sure who was the funniest but many many laughs were had.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0008

So stunning.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0009

This might be my favorite spot at The Elms, these incredible trees form a canopy that feels like being indoors.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0010

Love these kind of moments!

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0011

Being formal. Just because.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0012

We met back up with the family at Belle Mer for some family portraits. Colleen’s peeps…

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0013

And Omar’s lovely family who traveled here from Australia. His sister pictured right, came with her husband and 4 children. What an amazing sister!

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0014

More of Omar’s beautiful family.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0015

This photo really pulls on my heartstrings. Grandfatherly talk, wonder what wisdom he’s imparting?

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0016

Laughing and lining up for the sunset ceremony.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0017

Trish and I were kind of crazy for these kids, they were so beautiful, sweet, and well behaved.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0018

Always a classic moment, always a favorite.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0019

Being cute with their vows.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0020

Exactly! What perfect timing, like the sun is saying, “And… scene.”

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0021

Colleen gets a hug from her proud mom.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0022

Green Lion created the amazing florals.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0023Sharing their first dance.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0024

Such a fun day from start to finish, it was a Grand Slam for sure.

Belle Mer Island House Wedding0025

  1. Colleen says:

    Love Love Love!!!! Thank you so much Trish and Mariah for capturing such an amazing day!! We loved re-living everything again through your beautiful photos. You truly did an amazing job and we are unbelievably happy! THANK YOU!!!

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