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Melissa + Cory’s Castle Hill Wedding, Newport RI

September 25, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

I arrived to Melissa and Cory’s Castle Hill wedding and was greeted by a Happy Birthday serenade from Melissa and the bridesmaids. How sweet is that?! I’ve never had a bridal party sing happy birthday to me, and being an August baby I’ve had many a working birthday in my 18 {gulp} years of photographing weddings. But, that’s just the kind of girl Melissa is and it is evident in the way that everyone adores her.

Her friends adore her {although they did buy her a skydiving honeymoon excursion}. She’s adventurous too! Cory adores her, calls her Peanut, and bestowed those beautiful diamond earrings {she’s always wanted} on her as a wedding gift. Her mother adores her, she had custom pillowcases monogrammed with Happily Ever After put on the bridal bed in the CH chalet as a surprise for M&C after the wedding.

Her father adores her too, and gave one of the most touching and funny toasts I’ve ever heard. He said that Melissa has always had a cheerful way and loving manner. When she was small he used to take her on trips in his two-seater airplane. One year they flew to an airshow and set up a tent under the wing of the plane. It started to rain, and as little Melissa listened to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof of the tent she exclaimed, “Oh daddy! Isn’t it wonderful?!” What fathers heart wouldn’t melt? Of course, she also exclaimed the freshly cleaned porta-potty was wonderful, but you get the picture. Melissa is a joy to be around and a joy in so many people’s lives. In the conclusion of his toast, Melissa’s dad added a wish for her that when she looked back on her life’s memories he hoped she’d be able to say, Oh daddy it was wonderful! Great, now I am crying… again.

So what kind of guy deserves to be with a peanut such as Melissa? Melissa’s dad surely must be to be a tough act to follow, I mean father daughter trips in a two-seater plane? Does such a man -husband exist? Yes he does! A man who calls her Peanut, whisks her off her feet {literally- see the engagement shoot}, a man who can match her McDonald’s consumption nugget for nugget. It’s rumored that even after gorging themselves at their Castle Hill tasting these guys headed to McD’s for shakes and fries. Sensing the Peanut wasn’t going to be satisfied without her nuggets, Cory ordered some of those too. Melissa remembers telling her dad when she was a teenager that she could never love a boy who didn’t eat chicken nuggets. Well, “Order Up” sister! Cory is the man for you.

Not only were we the recipient of a lovely birthday song and allowed to bask in the California glow of Melissa’s presence on the wedding day but we also received a beautiful gift and thank you note from her just days after the wedding. She wrote that she never expected to become so attached to her wedding photographers. Ditto! And that she considered us friends- now who are the lucky ones? We are humbled to be counted among those who are loved by Melissa, and it’s wonderful!

The Team:

Venue and Caterer: Castle Hill, Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty, Florist: Stoneblossom, Band: East Coast Soul Band

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  1. Cory Catelli says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thank you so much.

  2. Tami Krueger says:

    You are a beautiful bride. I am so happy for you and your husband. I wish you the happiest journey through life. You so deserve all that life has to offer!

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