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Amy + Conor’s Dunes Club Wedding, Narragansett RI

September 26, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

Amy and Conor’s Dunes Club wedding was a soft grey day with threatening rain and flowing pastel silks swirling in the dunes, topped off by a brilliant explosion of color. The weather and the colors may have been ever changing but Amy and Conor were constant. That’s just how they roll. They’ve known each other since they were six. Can you imagine marrying someone who shares your entire history? What a story that will be when they are 90!

“Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life.”

From the moment Amy rode her bike over to the new neighbor’s house and asked six year old Conor if they wanted to be friends they’ve been on a path that led them to this day. Conor’s best man told us in his toast that every girl that came into Conor’s life was measured against the bar that Amy had set and everyone had come up short. Petite Amy with her wild curly locks and her sparkly blue eyes had a hold on his heart and that was that.

Naturally their parents, neighbors and friends were thrilled that this 20+ year courtship had finally brought them to this day! This called for something big to celebrate and they planned a fireworks display to delight the wedding guests. Storms cells were watched while Amy’s mom fretted over a possible cancellation but in the end it was meant to be, just like Amy and Conor!

The Team:

Venue and Caterer: The Dunes Club, Wedding Planner: Details with Love, Hair and Makeup: Jennie Kay Beauty, Florist: Sayles Livingston

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  1. Siobhan Tautkus says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  2. Conor Casey says:

    Unbelievable work ladies. You were both awesome, and thanks to Trish for keeping me breathing!

  3. Amy Leasca says:

    I am so touched by every single one of these pictures! Just gorgeous work guys. I’m also laughing out loud to myself at the boardwalk pictures…..right around the time I was reprimanded for my exquisite rendition of Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic. Great memories!

  4. Maria Leasca says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for posting. What a great day!

  5. Susan Mistretta says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  6. Joslin Leasca says:

    I love each amd every one, Snap you are amazing, Kristen and Kristen – Details with Love – you are officially family, flowers were breathtaking by Sayles, the Dunes Club outdid themselves and of course, Amy and Conor planned an exqusite event! We can’t wait to see more more more!! Thank you for capturing memories for us all!

  7. Robin Willis says:

    These are great pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. I too like the boardwalk photos. Looks like it was a great wedding.

  8. Betsey Harrison says:

    These pictures are fabulous! What a special day!

  9. Matt Rosenberg says:

    Awesome photos – they truly capture how special a day this was !

  10. Steve Irza says:

    Awesome wedding pictures!

  11. Steve Irza says:

    Awesome wedding pictures!

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