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Lauren + Kevin’s Engagement Session in the North End of Boston

October 1, 2014

Hands down the best way to see a city is a private tour from the mayor. How lucky for us that Jackson was available to show us around for Lauren and Kevin’s engagement session in the North End of Boston. Jackson may be a dog, but that does not mean that he can’t be the mayor, at least in his own mind. Trish definitely fell under his mesmerizing spell. She was reduced to singing him silly doggy songs and feeding him his gingerbread man shaped chicken treats! If you know Trish at all, then you know this is outrageous behavior. First of all, she’s allergic to dogs. Secondly she’s a vegan so human shaped treats made of chicken would normally be a major turn off. But, there’s just something about Jackson so alluring, so intoxicating… she whispered, “Call me…” as we finished our shoot and walked away. (He never did by the way).

But I digress, this is really about Lauren and Kevin (no it isn’t but we’ll humor them). They are totally sweet and funny. Lauren is the oldest in her family, she’s organized… she’s a planner. Kevin, well… he’s the youngest and the only boy in his Italian family. So yes, Jackson may be the mayor but Kevin is the prince. Somehow, all these personalities blend perfectly into one adorable little family unit and we can’t wait to see the three become one next September in Newport.

Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0001Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0002Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0003Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0004Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0005Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0006Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0007Engagement Session in the North End of Boston0008

  1. John Russo says:

    what fantastic pictures of Jackson…..oh…you guys look great too!!!!!

    love them… just love them…

  2. Lauren Occhialini says:

    Don’t worry ladies, we know Jackson stole the show! What else can you expect from the mayor?! Kev and I were happy to be his backdrop! We can’t thank you both enough. We had so much fun wandering around the streets with you. You made us feel so comfortable and we absolutely LOVE the photos. We can’t wait to spend time with you both again! And Trish, Jackson is embarrassed he never did call, but what can you expect from a ladies man? : )

  3. Jinja Noel says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! Hope you are enjoying planning your wedding.

  4. Cheryl Sottile Flynn says:

    George and Amal’s got nothin’ on you two….and 1/2. These are gorgeous photos. You both look so happy.

  5. Trish Gilmore says:

    I might be willing to give Jackson a second chance…he’s just so…so…fuzzy and cute!!!

  6. Lori Russo Occhialini says:

    Thank you, Trish and Mariah for so beautifully and perfectly capturing the personality, emotion and love that will be our family memories forever. Your artistry is amazing! You both are officially adopted into our family!!! Jackson is so dog gone cute! Anticpating fun times ahead!

  7. Rebecca Flynn-Williams says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning and you two are so cute together! I am thrilled for you both!

  8. Kevin Flynn says:

    Wow – these are awesome! Jackson clearly putting his mayoral swag on full display for Trish. Thanks Trish and Mariah for making the session so easy and fun!

  9. Susan Occhialini says:

    Beautiful pics guys! Love them.

  10. Jodi Sitren Nittoli says:


  11. Kristin Martin says:

    You two are too cute!! Lovely pictures.

  12. Judi Toscano says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  13. Lynn Henrion says:

    You two (three–can’t forget handsome Jackson) look awesome and SO happy! Best wishes to you both! We can’t wait until the wedding–party time!!!!! Love you!

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