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Lisa + Tom’s Blithewold Wedding, Bristol RI

September 3, 2014

By Mariah Ashley

We love a Blithewold wedding because every time we go there we discover something new. There’s so much more to Blithewold than what you see on the surface. I have a feeling it’s the same for Lisa and Tom who I would describe as “understated romantics”. Lisa and Tom are quite literally on the same page when it comes to emotional demonstration. For instance, without comparing notes the best man and maid of honor both mentioned how Lisa and Tom informed them of their newly formed romance.

Lisa to her Maid of Honor: (in fine print at the bottom of an email) So, I’m dating Tom now.

Tom to his Best Man in a text: Yo, I’ve got a girl now.

Flowery? No. An excitement that can hardly be contained or put into words? Not quite.

But wait… as soon as the camera turns away Tom is giving Lisa a nuzzle on the cheek or when she she thinks no one is watching Lisa is giving Tom a sweet little smirk. Gotcha! These two could only hide from us for so long. I love that we were there to photograph all their quiet {not so} private moments! Congratulations to our understated romantics and here’s a cheer of encouragement to all those who shy away from PDA! Now, give us a big hug! XO

The Team

Venue: Blithewold Mansion, Caterer: Blackstone Catering, Florist: Stoneblossom, Hair: New Leaf Hair Studio

Collage 1Collage 2Collage 3Collage 4I meant it when I said these guys are on the same page. These two photos were taken at the exact same moment in separate rooms!Collage 5Collage 6Collage 7Collage 8Collage 9Collage 10Collage 11Collage 12Collage 13Collage 14Collage 15Collage 16Collage 17Collage 18Collage 19Collage 20Collage 21Collage 22Collage 23Collage 24Collage 25


  1. MaryJane Bates Nichols says:

    Beautiful! Sleeping at your house on Saturday and Sunday AM was fun and the food was enjoyed and almost all helped! (I didn’t – feels like I am now The wedding was wonderful (except they don’t dance with anyone – they just bounceIIII) The meals with all of you on Saturday were delicioius

  2. Adeayo Victor says:

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