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Allison and Kenny’s Belle Mer Wedding, Newport RI

September 4, 2014

If I had to pick a theme/phrase for Kenny and Allison’s Belle Mer wedding it would be: “One Serious, One Casual” due to the fact that Kenny insisted on one serious and one casual version of every group photo we took. It became apparent that when Kenny insists on something that something generally happens. I’m not sure we’ve ever met anyone quite like Kenny. He’s part mayor, part best buddy, part hairstylist, part leading man… this guy has a lot of parts! {Turn down for What?}

Kenny kept us on our toes all day, Exhibit A – the Kenny outtakes at the bottom of this post. One person did get the better of Kenny though, and that would be Ace the best man who gave the best fake-out toast ever. It was a fake-out because the first two minutes deemed it to go down in history as the LAMEST best man toast of all time. Seriously, there was an audible groan of disgust in the ballroom. Psyche! Ace was just kidding- he sure had us going though! Ace summed it up best when he said he’d like to take the opportunity  to say somethings to Kenny that he had never heard before in his life; “Can you speak up sir?” and “What’s your opinion on that?”

But enough about Kenny, let’s talk about Allison! Allison may be the only girl in the world that can “handle” Kenny. She is completely un-phased by his antics, I’d even go so far as to say she’s pretty amused. She’s gorgeous, smart, and before she started hanging around with Kenny she was probably the funny one in her group of friends. (Feel your pain Allie, I have a funny husband too). Aside from marrying Kenny {obvi} Allie was most excited about having a REALLY big bouquet, the biggest ever! Because as she said, she’s from New Jersey. Well Allie, all your dreams have come true. You have married the mayor of Hoboken who will always have a can of hairspray handy if you need it AND you got the biggest bouquet ever! What more could a girl ask for?

Thanks for the wild ride! XO

The Team:

Venue and Caterer: Longwood Events/ Belle Mer, Florist: Flowers by Semia, Band: DC Project, Invites: Paper Moss, Makeup: Jane Sincere, Hair: Amy Elizabeth

Belle Mer Wedding0001Belle Mer Wedding0002Belle Mer Wedding0003Belle Mer Wedding0004Belle Mer Wedding0005Belle Mer Wedding0006Belle Mer Wedding0007Belle Mer Wedding0008Belle Mer Wedding0009Belle Mer Wedding0010Belle Mer Wedding0011Belle Mer Wedding0012Belle Mer Wedding0013Belle Mer Wedding0014Belle Mer Wedding0015Belle Mer Wedding0016Belle Mer Wedding0017Belle Mer Wedding0018Belle Mer Wedding0019Belle Mer Wedding0020Belle Mer Wedding0021Belle Mer Wedding0022Belle Mer Wedding0023Belle Mer Wedding0024Kenny… The Outtakes!Belle Mer Wedding0025


  1. Sandee Arzillo Vogel says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  2. Susan L'Archevesque says:

    Really enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos!! Alli and Kenny I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!!!

  3. Jennifer Jahn Dapolite says:

    Gorgeous! We had the best time! ❤️

  4. Joanna Bernardo Gentile says:

    You and Kenny are so blessed to have such gorgeous photos to remember your special day!!

  5. Danielle Wilt says:

    Beautiful!! Can we do it again?!

  6. Andrew D Baum says:

    Amazing time.

  7. Anne Searles Reel says:

    Fantastic photos!

  8. Paper Moss says:

    Stunning! Beautiful bride and photos. 🙂

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