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Love is in the Details at a Linden Place Wedding

February 22, 2018

They say love is in the details, and in the case of Katelyn and Matt’s Linden Place wedding it truly was.


Sometimes there are furry details!  Meet Nora and Duncan, the loves of Katelyn’s life {aside from Matt of course}. These sweet pups are decked out in their wedding finery.

The wedding photo on the table behind Katelyn is of her grandparents, Grammy and Poppa. Sadly, Katelyn’s grandparents passed away, she was very close to them. I thought having their wedding photo in the background during her bridal preparations was a nice way to include them in a meaningful way.


I should mention that it was pouring rain outside. Duncan was really upset about it. He’s petrified of rain. Katelyn, though … she took it in stride and enjoyed every moment of getting ready, especially when she read Matt’s card and opened his gift to her.


Katelyn’s mom had some surprises too. “My mom surprised me when I started putting my dress on by telling me she had something special she wanted  me to have as my something borrowed. Suddenly, she started to pin my grand parents wedding rings into my dress so they sat right over my heart.”


 “Matt gave me a beautiful set of pearls because I always used to admire images of my Grammy’s pearls.”


As I mentioned, it was a very rainy day so while Katelyn was getting ready for her first look with Matt we had to come up with a Plan B for pictures. Our original plan was to go to a bunch of spots around Bristol, but thanks to hours of torrential rain, everything was flooded and muddy. { Uh, those are no galoshes that Katelyn is wearing}. Katelyn and her sister put their heads together, made some calls and we were off … to Linden Place {just a little earlier than previously planned, they were very accommodating! Thank you Linden Place}.


Another meaningful detail were the photos of Grammy and Poppa pinned to Katelyn’s bouquet. “I looked to my Poppa as a father figure. My parents were divorced when I was very young and my dad was not around. I was often with my grandparents and they were a strong support system growing up. It was always said that my grandpa would walk me down the aisle and dance with me. Having him pass away before I got married made me feel like my wedding day might be incomplete. Having their photos pinned to my bouquet meant so much to me.”

Peter Quarry was Katelyn’s florist. He also wrapped Katelyn’s mother’s veil around the stems of her bouquet.


Meanwhile, in another part of Bristol, epic-ly adorable Matt was getting ready too.


Katelyn sent gifts for Matt to open as well. “I gave Matt a pair of lobster socks because as Matt knows, I’m an avid ‘Friends’ fan and in one episode Phoebe shares her theory of love – in the same way that lobsters fall in love and mate for life, everyone has their own lobster, the person you are supposed to love for your whole life.”


Katelyn also gave Matt cuff links (expertly attached to his cuffs by his youngest groomsmen). The cuff links were custom engraved with the latitude and longitude of Katelyn’s grandparent’s house where Matt proposed on October 21, 2016! A secret message on the inside of the cuff links said Where our forever began and I love you always.


We decided the pretty solarium at Linden Place would be the perfect spot for Katelyn and Matt’s first look. Katelyn had her heart set on outside photos and this felt like the best of both worlds {and dry}!

Katelyn had these thoughts about their first look, “Although we had to change every aspect of our plan I couldn’t have been happier. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was excited, anxious and couldn’t calm the butterflies! I can still take myself right back to the moment I walked in and waited for Matt to turn around. When we saw each other we were speechless, excited and could not stop hugging each other!”


Matt told Katelyn that his absolute favorite part of their wedding was seeing her for the first time at the first look. He said the butterfly feeling he got was something he wishes he could experience everyday and that it was the best feeling he has ever felt. He explained the first look was everything he had been waiting for, knowing that in no time Katelyn would be his wife.

Oh my goodness Matt. Every girl should be so lucky!


Simply stunning!

Katelyn’s hair and makeup was done by the very talented stylists at New Leaf Hair Studio. Her beautiful wedding dress is an Allure gown.


Being inside for photos did have it’s own unique advantages.


Katelyn’s beautiful bridesmaids are wearing Watters gowns and their glamor was also created by New Leaf Studio.


Looking dapper boys!


A little homage to Vanity Fair. We love posing the bridal party like this- so fun!


Katelyn and her beautiful momma.


Thank you mother nature, or maybe it was Grammy and Poppa clearing those skies for us so we could go outside for photos!?


Come on guys, time to get hitched!


But first, a quick stop back at the house for a family portrait with Nora and Duncan!


Katelyn’s mom walked her down the aisle, this was her reflection on that decision. “My grandpa was always the one who said he would walk me down the aisle, however since he couldn’t be there, there’s no one I’d want to give me away besides my mom. Having my mom walk me down the aisle was the most cherished moment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve always been so close to my mom and honoring her by having her walk me down the aisle could not have meant more to her or to me.”


Katelyn said, “Everything truly set in for me when I walked down the aisle with my mom at my side. I had all these emotions running through me… joy, love, happiness… all as I walked toward Matt, someone who is not only my husband but my absolute best friend. He still gives me butterflies as if it’s our first date. Reality set in walking down that aisle, knowing I was marrying the man of my dreams.”


Yep, Katelyn loves Matt!




A classic shot, this photo might be the photo their grandchildren cherish!


Whew! All the tough stuff is out of the way and now it’s time to party!


Okay, maybe just a few more portraits but this romance stuff  is hardly tough work for these two.


Blackstone Caterers was on hand to make the event delicious. Nora and Duncan had signature cocktails named after them. 🙂 How cute are those illustrations?!


Katelyn was most nervous about everything coming together the way she imagined but as it turned out, there was nothing to worry about! “When I went to Linden Place for the first look, I was able to take a quick peek into the carriage house. Honestly, I was at a loss for words! It looked exactly the way I imagined!”

“Exquisite Events and my florist, Peter Quarry were the ones who brought my vision to life! I couldn’t be happier with my vendors as a whole, everyone did such an amazing job!”


The new Mr and Mrs waiting to be announce into the reception. Cake by the very cool Ellie’s Bakery.


I sure do love joy… and dancing … and dancing with joy!


Fantastic toasts, one from Katelyn’s sweet sister the MOH –


and one from Matt’s Best man who had everyone cracking up.


Katelyn offers some great advice to avoid your wedding reception going by in a total blur, “While we were eating, we kind of tuned everyone out and looked at our entire reception for a few minutes, taking everyone in and realizing they were all there for us, celebrating our love. It was such an amazing feeling!”


That’s the way to seal it!


Katelyn and her mom shared a special song too and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.




It was a fantastic party! Signature Sounds DJ kept everyone dancing and we could barely get a break in the action to pull Matt and Katelyn outside for a last photo.

There was so much love in every detail of this wedding that surely there is  lifetime of love ahead for this couple. They have big shoes to fill in the precedent that Grammy and Poppa have set, but if anyone can do it, it’s Katelyn and Matt.

Congratulations you guys! We loved being a part of your beautiful day. XO Mariah and Trish


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