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Trish’s Bridal Veil Stylings and Musings

February 27, 2018

 I came upon a reoccurring theme in our “Behind The Scenes” photos while perusing the Snap archives.

There are A LOT of photos of Trish styling bridal veils. She’s styling in churches and hotels, in fields and on beaches, on rooftops and hilltops. Just about the only place she isn’t styling is underwater, but I’m sure she’d do that too if given the chance. I’ve known Trish for over twenty years, she’s changed a lot in two decades but one thing that’s remained constant is her love of bridal veils.

Today I asked her a few veil questions {she’s an expert after all}. I opened with, “What is it about veils that you love so much?”

Her answer was, “You only get one day in your life to wear a veil. It’s literally a one shot deal! I love how flowing and feminine they are. I also love the tradition. When you put the veil on, that’s the bridal moment that completes the whole look.”


“I never met a veil blowing in the wind that I didn’t love.” ~ Trish Gilmore, veil aficionado.

I also asked Trish if she had a favorite kind of veil.

“Not really. I’ll take whatever I can get. That’s off the record. {laughing} I really like a long veil best.”


Once, noticing that a bride had her veil in upside down, Trish {with the precision of a surgeon} in one deft move – pulled the veil out, flipped it over and stuck it back in the brides hair {right side up} right before she walked down the aisle. Ah-mazing.


Trish also had some insight for brides who might feel weird about wearing a veil. “A lot of our brides who felt funny about the veil and  wore it planning to take it off immediately after the ceremony, ended up leaving it on all day because they love the way it looked and how fun it was to wear it.”



“My best veil advice is to try it on ahead of time to decide exactly where it should be placed on your head. Also on the wedding day, spray some hairspray on the comb before you put it in, this will help it really stick in your hair.”


“Last but not least, my parting veil thought is that if you are self conscious at all about your arms or back, the veil really softens those areas and is very flattering in the photos.”

Truer words have never been spoken about veils Trish! Thanks for your veil service and expertise!

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