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Team Snap, What Makes Our Partnership Tick

February 16, 2018

Ever wonder what makes a successful business partnership? There are a lot of factors but one of the most important things is to have different strengths that complement each other. In other words, separate you can be pretty cool but together you can be a well rounded, well oiled machine!

These two photos are a great illustration of the distinct but complementary personalities behind Team Snap (Mariah + Trish).

First up there’s me (Mariah) … the Introvert.

I love being a business owner, I love the running our business as much as I love shooting (maybe even more)! I love writing so I’m in charge of the blog. I also (wo)man Snap’s social media because I like expressing our message through photos and words and reaching tons of people without having to leave my cozy office! At weddings, I’m tuned in to what’s happening and enjoy being a sneaky skulker to capture emotional moments. I’m good at this because I’m generally good at reading people. During the formal photos I take the majority of the pictures, I like concentrating on the technical aspects of the equipment and lighting to make sure we nail those important shots. I don’t do well with organizing large groups of rowdy people which leads me to my teammate …



Trish! The Extrovert!

Trish likes to get right into the melee. She is a born leader. Some may call her bossy but I call her an organizational genius. This is a woman who knows how to get things done and is so conscientious she will stop at nothing until all the boxes are ticked on your photo list. Trust me, you need someone like this at your wedding. The best thing about Trish though is her sense of humor, she bosses with a smile, which people always respond positively to. I’ve yet to meet a group of groomsmen who would not bend to her will and consider her one of their gang by the end of the evening. I often spy her getting high fives from the bridal party and I think… Thank God she’s here. LOL.

In the office, Trish is the Album Queen (self appointed). I support her self crowning though as albums are also not my bag and she’s won actual awards for her designs.

So, if you’re thinking about partnering with someone, my best advice to you is to find a partner who shares your values and work ethic but not necessarily your strengths! Divide and conquer together!

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