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Linden Place Engagement Session

May 10, 2019

Our friends at Linden Place came to the rescue for John and Amy’s rainy day Engagement Session

“When Plan B turns out better than Plan A”

We’ll get to John and Amy’s Linden Place Engagement Session, but first … the back story.

John is a Snap friend from waaaay back. In fact, he’s been kind of a big deal to us for years. John used to work as a writer at PPA {Professional Photographers of America}. We met him when I {Mariah} started submitting funny, albeit honest blog posts about the trials and tribulations of running a wedding photography business. Struggle is real, y’all. I say y’all because PPA headquarters happens to be in Atlanta. 🙂 Anyway, I digress… John became my editor and we quickly developed a friendship based on our love of writing and shared sense of humor.

Fast forward, John left PPA which made us very sad, but the good news is, he and his gorgeous sweetheart Amy got engaged!

We were so happy when he reconnected with us about their wedding! Snappers love a happy ending!

So, back to the Linen Place Engagement Session…

Linden Place Engagment Session

John and Amy live on the West Coast, and were flying in for a friend’s Bristol RI wedding. We decided to squeeze in an engagement shoot, and crossed our fingers for nice weather, but nature had other ideas. Forget photos by the water or in Colt State Park as we had originally planned! This day was just a constant drizzle, not to mention cold! Brrr.

However, John and Amy “brought it” with their stylish outfits and we also had a little trick up our sleeve to save the day.

Lucky for us we have friends in lovely places. Sue at Linden Place allowed us to shoot in the inside of the mansion for John and Amy’s engagement session. Thank you Sue!

This room really brings the outdoors in! It’s such a pretty spot, and far more special than the “sunny” locations we had picked out.

Looking good you two!

Soft, romantic window light? Yes please. Photographer’s dream!

Finally, the rain stopped for a hot-second so we took a few more photos outside. I love this cute little out building and pathway.

This is the outside of that pretty room. We call it the solarium, but I’m not sure that’s the actual name. Anyway, it’s fabulous and I’m so glad we got to use it for John and Amy’s impromptu Linden Place Engagement Session.

John and Amy- thanks for making us a part of your whirlwind weekend! We love you guys and can’t wait for September at St Clements! This was just a warm up, so many good times yet to come!

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