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Leah and Gueric’s Regatta Place Wedding, Newport RI

July 23, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

We couldn’t wait for Leah and Gueric’s Regatta Place wedding because it was love at first sight … when we met them at our Rumford office to discuss potentially photographing their wedding. I’m sure you’ve heard the excellent advice that you “really need to click with your photographer.” (Bad pun intended). But did you know that we (the photographers) really want and need to click with you too? Sometimes we meet a couple and say, hurray! These people get us! Leah and Gueric are like that, the wedding photography was super important to them. Leah is a photo-freak, a girl after our own hearts.

Regatta Place Wedding0001Leah and Gueric met online and then planned a first date. Leah was excited to meet Gueric but it was February and cold and raining…  she contemplated staying home on the couch where it was nice and warm, good thing her curiosity got the better of her.Regatta Place Wedding0002Leah and Gueric have their first look, and lovely Leah takes a little spin so she can give Gueric time to absorb her complete fabulousness! This is one of the things I love about Leah and Gueric, they really savor their moments!Regatta Place Wedding0003As I mentioned, Leah is photo-enthusiastic. We got on the trolley and planned a spin around Newport for photos prior to the ceremony. Leah had seen this pink door and wasn’t afraid to throw out her photo ideas. We love that! I love the pink bouquet and the pink door together. Bouquet by Toni Chandler, by the way.

Gueric was born in France, and he and Leah planned to visit Paris on their honeymoon, hence the sidewalk strolling and romance outside the cafe. Everyone say fromage!Regatta Place Wedding0004Leah is well acquainted with Newport, she’s a Salve graduate and also was a nanny for a Newport family while at school.Regatta Place Wedding0005This is our bridal party, from the left Gueric’s sister Gala, Gueric and Leah of course, and then Leah’s brother Nick. Leah and Gueric are super close to their siblings and they made the funniest, best bridal party!Regatta Place Wedding0006We love to drive around and then pull over for photos when we see an amazing spot. We couldn’t resist taking Leah’s portrait in this ultra feminine location, it’s suits her perfectly, so pretty!Regatta Place Wedding0007This spot was directly across the street from the other spot above. I love Newport’s side streets!Regatta Place Wedding0008This one pretty much sums it up!Regatta Place Wedding0009Quite possibly my favorite photo of the day. The perfect end to our photo excursion… now to head back to Regatta Place where…Regatta Place Wedding0010Gueric’s daughter Mi-Hyun is getting the ring dog and his friends ready for the ceremony.Regatta Place Wedding0011Leah had really fun programs designed and they also planned a traditional Indian garland exchange as well as preparing love letters for each other that they locked in a box to be opened in 5 years and enjoyed with an excellent bottle of wine.Regatta Place Wedding0012The I Do’s.Regatta Place Wedding0013It’s official! Mr and Mrs!Regatta Place Wedding0014Leah and Gueric have a super cute woofer named Hudson, who we got to meet and photograph at their engagement session. He wasn’t invited to the party, but he did have a cocktail named after him! Yum!Regatta Place Wedding0015Mi-Hyun, who I believe is 8… she can correct me if I am wrong, was less then thrilled about wearing a dress and having her photo taken, though you’d never know it from these photos! Tricky Trish won her over by chatting about her stuffed dogs. Trish has a 9 year old who also loves his stuffies, so she’s up on these things. Sooner or later the snap girls wear you down. You can try to hate us, but we won’t go away and we won’t stop trying to make you love us… just ask Mi-Hyun. It’s better to just give in to our charms early on and save yourself the trouble.Regatta Place Wedding0016Family Portrait time!Regatta Place Wedding0017Party time!Regatta Place Wedding0018Gala gave a great toast to her baby brother. She’s pretty excited to have Leah as her new sister.Regatta Place Wedding0019Nick remarked on what an emotional day it was, “I mean even the cake is in tiers.” (Bad awesome pun definitely intended). Regatta Place Wedding0020How cute are these zany sibs?Regatta Place Wedding0021Sweets for sweeties.Regatta Place Wedding0022A special lemon cake for Nick, it’s not his birthday or anything, he just didn’t like the flavors they chose. Cute!Regatta Place Wedding0023The most epic last dance ever. I felt like I was in a movie and this was the big finale. But then it got even better…Regatta Place Wedding0024An adorable get away boat, captained by the kids that Leah used to nanny. How’s that for full circle?Regatta Place Wedding0025Leah and Gueric, we know you had fun at your wedding! We’re sure you savored your honeymoon and enjoyed lots of bread and cheese and wine, and we hope we exceeded your photo expectations! XO The Snap Girls

We sure had fun trying…


  1. Leah says:

    Ah. We love these photos so much. They are amazing and a wonderful way of reliving the day. The capture the essence of what the day meant to us. We will cherish these photos forever. xoxo

  2. Anna says:

    Best wedding ever. You know they will live happily ever after. Love to you both

  3. Ann says:

    It was wonderful to see you enjoying yourselves as a couple during the ceremony. Your special connection and love for one another did shine.

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