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Sarah and Steve’s Belle Mer Wedding, Newport RI

July 21, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

It’s hard to get back to work after a long lovely vacation, even when you love your job. Knowing that I would get to blog Sarah and Steve’s Belle Mer wedding today literally got me out of bed and out the door. I knew I had lots of pretty photos like the one below to get me back in the groove!

I love Sarah’s bridesmaids, I wish I could take credit for this awesomely styled shot, but the dresses were hanging exactly like this when I arrived. Thank you ladies! You don’t know how helpful this is. It often feels a bit of a whirlwind when I arrive to photograph the bride, it really helps when I can just get right to snapping. Because Sarah is a super organizer, her shoes, jewelry and invitation were also all laid out for us. Sigh….

And double sigh for Sarah’s amazing dress, so lovely!Belle Mer Wedding0001I love stacking rings on bling. Sarah’s shoes are the perch and the background for this sparkly scenario.Belle Mer Wedding0002Sarah getting a little help from her mom and her maid of honor. Love the hanger and the robes… it’s the little things!Belle Mer Wedding0003I was photographing Sarah on the lawn, while her bridesmaids sneaked a peek from the balcony. I decide that might be a good vantage point for a portrait too! Thanks again ladies! How gorgeous is Sarah’s gown, you really get the full effect in this photo.Belle Mer Wedding0004The weather report did not look promising leading up to the wedding. Sarah told me Stephen was a nervous wreck about it and checked his phone constantly. Know why he’s smiling? The sun came out in full force at 3pm!Belle Mer Wedding0005The trolley ride to the first look is a great time for a toast. Sarah’s bridesmaids said “We can’t believe we’re on our way to Sarah’s wedding!” It certainly is surreal when the day and the moment actually comes!Belle Mer Wedding0006The first look was at the Hotel Viking. When we got there the front of the building was empty, unfortunately just before the big moment a huge throng of people showed up. We quickly moved Steve to the balcony to make the moment a little more private, or at least to avoid all the tourists in the background! Steve had to wait patiently but as you can see, the wait was worth it… Hellooo Mrs. Grossman!Belle Mer Wedding0007Sarah is reserved, emotionally speaking. Still waters run deep though and her calm exterior cracked when she saw Steve. Big fat tears… so sweet!Belle Mer Wedding0008Sarah’s family have friends who live in a beautiful spot near the cliffwalk in Newport. They gave us access to an amazing courtyard for photos. I’ve been wanting to peek at this spot for a long time, a dream come true and dreamy photos! Thank you!Belle Mer Wedding0009Such a pretty location, perfect for these pretty ladies.Belle Mer Wedding0010Don’t let these adorable guys fool you, they are not behaved! Luckily Trish knows how to keep them in line. Much to her horror, they nicknamed her mom. Gone are the days of getting hit on by the groomsmen I guess. Now we’re mother figures. Womp. Okay, it’s kind of cute, we’ll take it. I mean look at those faces… what mom could resist?!Belle Mer Wedding0011I love this photo of Sarah and Steve, they look so relaxed and sweet.Belle Mer Wedding0012One more snuggle in this gorgeous location before we head to Belle Mer, it’s almost time to get married!Belle Mer Wedding0013Sarah checks out the ballroom when we arrive. She looks like a pretty little cake topper in this sparkly room!Belle Mer Wedding0014As guests arrive, Sarah hides upstairs until the big moment with her father.Belle Mer Wedding0015Steve has a sweet moment with his dad too.Belle Mer Wedding0016I love the big hand off! It’s such a great moment.Belle Mer Wedding0017The afternoon light at Belle Mer was so beautiful, it made the ceremony feel ethereal.Belle Mer Wedding0018Mr. and Mrs.!Belle Mer Wedding0019Sarah and Steve took a few minutes to enjoy the view together before joining the cocktail hour.Belle Mer Wedding0020Cue the dramatic sailboat.Belle Mer Wedding0021Sweet nothings. Belle Mer Wedding0022Putting the finishing touches on the ballroom.Belle Mer Wedding0023Everything twinkling and sparkling including the cake.Belle Mer Wedding0024The first dance is also one of my favorite moments. I love how excited everyone feels for the bride and groom.Belle Mer Wedding0025It so sweet to watch the bride and groom listening to their friends say heartfelt and personal things about them during the toasts. I always feel like I really get to know the bride and groom better during the toasts.Belle Mer Wedding0026All the single ladies!Belle Mer Wedding0027I love this! Stealing a moment and a kiss at the end of the night. Congratulations Sarah and Steve!Belle Mer Wedding0028

  1. Sarah Grossman says:

    I LOVE THEM! Thank you both so much for capturing our wedding day perfectly. We could not be happier! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Ann Louise Hannon says:

    We are all so thrilled with all the pictures. Beautiful pictures of an awesome day captured so vividly by you girls. Job perfectly done!

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