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Kaitlyn and Brandon’s Ochre Court Wedding at Salve Regina, Newport RI

July 30, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Kaitlyn and Brandon’s Ochre Court Wedding was absolutely stunning. When you arrive at Ochre Court the first thing you see is a massive ornate gate and beautiful lane of trees leading to the mansion, a towering facade of grey stone. Everything about an Ochre Court wedding is grand and elaborate. It would be easy to miss the little things in place of the panoramic splendor. I have to remind myself to look for the small, sweet details. I’m glad we didn’t overlook this adorable little canine lovey, made for Kaitlyn in the likeness of her real life pooch by one of her bridesmaids. He looks so cute guarding the rings. Grrrrr….

Ochre Court Wedding0001I love looking over Trish’s shoulder while she edits a wedding. It’s fun to see how her photos of the groom line up with my photos of the bride getting ready after they are all loaded into the computer and sorted into chronological order. Kaitlyn and Brandon were doing this… at the same time in separate rooms of the Hotel Viking. Ochre Court Wedding0002Brandon is a little shy, but apparently not shy of expressing himself beautifully in writing. Kaitlyn’s bridesmaid (a friend of Brandon’s) described her first meeting with the bubbly blonde Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn said, “Oh my god! I’m Kaitlyn! We should totally hang out, that would be so much fun.” Of course, she instantly approved of Kaitlyn for her friend and knew that she would draw him out of his shell and his comfort zone.Ochre Court Wedding0003Brandon is a twin, because the universe is good and blessed us all with two super handsome brothers to admire. Thank you universe. It’s kind of like when you make one really good thing, you think, “Hey I did a really good job on this one, I should double the batch!”

Luke {on the left} gave a great toast about doing the “twin thing,” communicating without words. He said in the past they had used  their rugged good looks to get the message across. He knew that Brandon had met someone important when he chose to speak to Luke instead of using those “rugged good looks.” Brandon wanted to know what Luke thought about Kaitlyn and told him he really valued his opinion.

Ochre Court Wedding0004Kaitlyn is super close with her dad, Lee. She said he had been really sweet and emotional leading up to the wedding. It was very easy to see how much he admires and loves his beautiful daughter. However, shortly after I took this photo he said, “I feel kind of awkward hanging out with all these ladies, now where’s the scotch?” Ha -ha, typical dad move. He can’t fool me, he was having a grand time teasing all of Kaitlyn’s friends and making us all laugh.

Ochre Court Wedding0005Mirror … Mirror …

on the wall, it’s obvi who’s the fairest of them all.Ochre Court Wedding0006Fresh lovely bouquets by Sayles Livingston.Ochre Court Wedding0007Brandon waiting patiently and J Crew-ishly at the back of Ochre Court. #cleancut #ruggedgoodlooksOchre Court Wedding0008I think Kaitlyn is a little excited about getting to the church on time. This is a girl who knows what she wants. She saw Brandon at a party and told his friend, “I want that one.”Ochre Court Wedding0009Kaitlyn was just standing in this beautiful patch of light when I came around the corner. She looks like a little angel.Ochre Court Wedding0010Twin hug of support right before the processional.

I told Brandon I was really glad he brought his dimples to the wedding. Sigh….Ochre Court Wedding0011One of my favorite photos from the day, Kaitlyn truly enjoying her long walk to the altar with her dad. I wish everyone could have this much time to enjoy this super special moment.Ochre Court Wedding0012Everyone is losing it, photographer included.Ochre Court Wedding0013The best line from the ceremony? “The topic of marriage between Kaitlyn and Brandon was less of a kick-starter conversation, but more of a steady pressure applied by Kaitlyn almost from the very beginning of the relationship.” Hilarious! The girl knows what she wants remember?!Ochre Court Wedding0014When brandon finally did pop the question it was while cutting down their Christmas tree, which put him in exactly the right bended knee position…Ochre Court Wedding0015Flanked by rugged good looks!Ochre Court Wedding0016The bridal party in a lane of lovely late afternoon light.Ochre Court Wedding0017Kaitlyn has also inherited and amazing sister in law and super cute nephew. How lucky can one girl get?Ochre Court Wedding0018Dreamy.Ochre Court Wedding0019Looking a little like royalty.Ochre Court Wedding0020All I can think is that the cuteness of their babies is going to be off the charts. 90th percentile at least.Ochre Court Wedding0021Nose nuzzling is always a good photo move. Ochre Court Wedding0022True that.Ochre Court Wedding0023Rushing toward fun, hand in hand… the way it should be.Ochre Court Wedding0024When you are both eye candy, who’s the arm candy? I call a tie.Ochre Court Wedding0025Another favorite moment of the day, a little insight into the personality of Kaitlyn in the formative years. Lee told a story of Kaitlyn and her siblings. When in trouble, older brother Matt would come into Lee’s bedroom and apologize because he couldn’t go to sleep worrying that his dad might be mad at him. Youngest child Kelsey never did anything wrong, she was a sweet angel. Kaitlyn…. Kaitlyn would slam her door, and then gather up every sentimental item her father had ever given her. She’s storm into his room and dump them on the bed, declaring that she didn’t want them because he didn’t really love her. Then she’d bawl her eyes out and he’d feel guilty and find himself apologizing to her for her infractions! She had him wrapped around her finger since day one. Here he is wishing Brandon… good luck! Ochre Court Wedding0026Stealing a kiss and the last bit of evening light.

Kaitlyn and Brandon, we loved your Ochre Court wedding and getting to know you both through all the hilarious stories and jokes told by your friends and families. You have so much love and support in your lives, you are bound to have a long life and wonderful marriage full of hilarious stories and good times and love! xoxoOchre Court Wedding0027Behind the Snaps: Snap Advice for the Groom

Coming to you from Captain Dimples himself…. “Dudes, empty your pockets before photos! The phones, wallets, and flasks in your pockets ruin the perfect line of your well fitted suit and make your pants bulge, but not in a good way. If you want to be flawless like me leave the man-cessories on the shelf.”

Stellar advice, thanks Dimples, err… I mean Brandon.

Ochre Court Wedding0028

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