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Lauren and Chris’ Ochre Court Wedding at Salve Regina, Newport RI

August 7, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

It’s a miracle really, as detailed and nuanced as they are, weddings generally start on time and relatively few things go wrong. Chris’ mom told a story on the way to the ceremony about her own sister’s wedding, which just happened to take place in a blizzard. The bride was nervously fiddling with her engagement ring and because it was cold and her fingers had shrunken, the ring flew off into a snowbank! The story had a happy ending though and her sister’s photo (the bride’s outfit complete with black galoshes) made an appearance in The New York Times.

Luckily, by the end of the day our clients always end up married despite minor glitches like these. I’m happy to say, Lauren and Chris’ Ochre Court Wedding was no exception, though for a time we were a tad worried. For starters, although the Snap Girls allowed two hours for a trip that should take one hour, a traffic accident and bridge construction had us driving to Lauren at a snails pace. For someone like me who is super punctual, it’s pretty disconcerting not to be at the very latest… ten minutes early.

Luckily, Lauren was not in a panic, and she was just so excited to get into her gorgeous gown and get started on her dream day. I mean look at that face! Pure excitement!

Ochre Court Wedding 0030Meanwhile, across the street … Chris was putting on the finishing touches.

How sweet is this velvet monogrammed ring box?Ochre Court Wedding 0031Lauren’s mom and her twin sister help her into her gown.Ochre Court Wedding 0032The men strike a pose before hopping on the trolley to head to Ochre Court.Ochre Court Wedding 0033Speaking of hopping on the trolley… you thought my tardiness was the snafu I was referring to earlier? Nope. How about the trolley full of bridesmaids, moms, grandmothers, and the bride herself  breaking down half way up the big hill on Memorial Drive… with no backup transportation available … making us thirty minutes (and counting) late for the first look.

Was Lauren stressed?

Maybe she should have been… but…

she had Jamie Nelson of Eventfully Planned in her back pocket. We called Jamie, Jamie flew down the block in her car and shuttled everyone from the side of the road to the grounds at Ochre Court. Lauren and Chris were having their first look before you could say… “Eventfully Planned.”

And just like that cuteness ensued…Ochre Court Wedding 0034Part of great photos is great planning. Lauren allowed plenty of time for formal photos so even though we started 30 minutes late it never felt rushed. We strolled… we snapped…we smiled.Ochre Court Wedding 0035Ochre Court is amazing. It has just opened it’s doors to alumni for weddings. This is only our second Ochre Court Wedding! The grounds have endless possibilities, but I love this view from the front lawn.Ochre Court Wedding 0036Semia of Flowers By Semia is responsible for making all of Lauren’s floral dreams come true, and dreamy is the right word for these bouquets.Ochre Court Wedding 0037Lauren just being her stunning self with a little help from the breeze.Ochre Court Wedding 0038During his toast, Lauren’s dad told his little fashionista, “I’ve seen you in just about every type of designer gown, but I’ve never seen you as beautiful as you are today.”Ochre Court Wedding 0039Chris’ parents watch their guests arrive from the balcony inside Ochre Court.Ochre Court Wedding 0040The bridesmaids line up for the ceremony.Ochre Court Wedding 0041Lauren and her dad wait for the music to change, their cue to take the walk down the aisle. Ochre Court Wedding 0042Not flower girls, but flower Grams. Love it!Ochre Court Wedding 0043Chris’ vows for Lauren were so sweet. He said, “When I met you there was a glow around you and I’m going to spend every day for the rest of my life making sure you never lose it.”Ochre Court Wedding 0044Something tells me he’s going to do a good job.Ochre Court Wedding 0045A dramatic moment calls for a dramatic bagpiper recessional.Ochre Court Wedding 0046More floral amazingness from Flowers by Semia.Ochre Court Wedding 0047A cake and dessert table by Confectionery Designs.Ochre Court Wedding 0048Lauren and Chris share their first dance.Ochre Court Wedding 0049Lauren’s father giving his toast. Here he is telling her, “Father’s day came early because the highlight of my life was to walk you down the aisle. I’m so proud of who you’ve become and the choices you’ve made, especially choosing Chris to be my son in law.” Someone please pass the photographer the hankies! Ochre Court Wedding 0050Not to be out done, Lauren’s twin sister told her that she was, “Her womb mate, fashion consultant, work out partner, and even running mate for student council in high school under the campaign slogan… Great Minds Look Alike!”

Ochre Court Wedding 0055Dinner and conversation…Ochre Court Wedding 0051One of the sweetest moments of the day was discovering Chris and Lauren sneaking out onto the back porch for a private moment… which we promptly documented. Naturally.Ochre Court Wedding 0052Spot on!Ochre Court Wedding 0053I think the photo below on the right pretty much sums up how Chris feels about Lauren.

The best part is the feeling is mutual! Lauren told her sister about a bad dream she had leading up to the wedding, the DJ never came, she lost the card box, and half her family didn’t show up… but then she saw Chris and she felt happy and knew everything would be great. How could it not be after the man of your dreams literally sweeps you off the feet and gives you a hug like that? #thattimerealitywasbetterthanyourdreams Now that’s my idea of a perfect ending to a happily ever after story!Ochre Court Wedding 0054BEHIND THE SNAPS!

The photo on the left was taken moments before the trolley sputtered and died. The photo on the right is of our hero Jaime saving the day, delivering the bride and the photographer {that’s me} safely to Salve!

Ochre Court Wedding 0056

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