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Carmen and Jason’s Newport Hyatt Wedding

August 13, 2015

By Mariah Ashley

Carmen and Jason had a particularly beautiful day for their Newport Hyatt Wedding… the kind of day every couple hopes for. Was it random luck? Some people would say so. I wonder though… could karma have had a little something to do with it? If anyone has racked up the karma points it’s Carmen. She’s served in the Air Force for twelve years. I asked her what her job was and she nonchalantly said, “Oh… I move wounded soldiers from Point A to Point B so they can go home to their families. I love what I do!” I was blown away, I mean Carmen looks a little like Wonder Woman, but it turns out she actually IS Wonder Woman… or at least a wonder of a woman.

I love the USAF pin in her brooch bouquet, all of the pins were collected for her by the women in her life.

Newport Hyatt Wedding0001Carmen’s mom passed away when she was thirteen, which is unspeakably hard to imagine. My daughter is thirteen and the thought of not being there for her on her wedding day is making me choke up as a type this. I know that Carmen felt the presence of her mother on her big day though. She told me that her mom, “Brought me the beautiful weather and also sent me Jason, the man I will soon be able to call my husband.”  Jason gave Carmen this card, but it seems that maybe her mom might have been trying to send a little message too. Moms are tricky like that.Newport Hyatt Wedding0002Carmen had a great view of the ceremony site at the Newport Hyatt from her window.Newport Hyatt Wedding0003Carmen fastening a photo of her mom to her brooch bouquet, the finishing piece.

Carmen’s dad looks on proudly as Carmen makes her way down the stairs.Newport Hyatt Wedding0004Speaking of NOT looking on proudly… Jason looks a little nervous looking on as his brother puts the finishing touches on his best man speech.

Is he going to nail it or fail it? Stay tuned toward the bottom of this post to find out!Newport Hyatt Wedding0005This is basically the difference between 99% of our brides and grooms!Newport Hyatt Wedding0006Carmen takes advantage of her birds eye view to watch all of her guests arrive for the ceremony. This was such a treat for her, she reflected on how each of them had made a difference in her life as they passed under her window.Newport Hyatt Wedding0007The Newport Hyatt has a great long lawn for processing, very dramatic!Newport Hyatt Wedding0008I think Carmen’s dad approves of Jason, the loving pat on the back is too sweet.Newport Hyatt Wedding0009Married!Newport Hyatt Wedding0010Let the fun begin! Carmen and Jason are full of life, jokes, and energy!Newport Hyatt Wedding0011The bridal party.Newport Hyatt Wedding0012Taking a minute to take in the view…Newport Hyatt Wedding0013Jason’s groomsmen joked that they knew Carmen was perfect for Jason before he did… I think he figured it out though.Newport Hyatt Wedding0014FAV!Newport Hyatt Wedding0015The bridal party in their natural state… causal.Newport Hyatt Wedding0016A stroll and a smooch before heading into the reception.Newport Hyatt Wedding0017Nailed it! Phew!Newport Hyatt Wedding0018So cute with each other, but just in case someone goes rogue, a safety napkin is always a good idea!Newport Hyatt Wedding0019Parent snuggles, so sweet.Newport Hyatt Wedding0020An amazing sunset too? Carmen’s mom has really out done herself!Newport Hyatt Wedding0021The perfect end to a beautiful day.Newport Hyatt Wedding0022Carmen and Jason, we were so honored to be a part of your big day. Carmen, thank you for what you do… Jason thank you for being you, and for taking such great care of our wonder woman! It’s really true, #jasonlovescarmen !

  1. Jason Ostrander says:

    You two are extremely talented women. I am grinning ear to ear as I read your blog post. You have captured parts of the day I never saw and did it so beautifully. I cannot thank you enough for hard work. I will be recommending you two to EVERYONE I know who is getting married. Much love to you two!

  2. Amber says:


  3. Michelle Baity says:

    Fantastic pics. Amazing day for 2 wonderful people.

  4. Carmen says:

    OMG! I am crying so hard right now!!! IMariah and Trish you ladies are beyond amazing.

  5. Patty k says:

    Very nicely done. You both are very talented. So much more personal than staged photos.

  6. Karen D'Angelo says:

    Awesome photos! Sorry to not have been there but definitely appreciating witnessing these well-captured moments. ♡ Congrats!

  7. Kathy Libal says:

    These are gorgeous photos – capturing the spirit of the day and the lovely bride and groom. I love the mix of black and white and color shots — the bouquet and wonder woman photos are a memorable way to start the blog.

  8. Jaimi Turner says:

    Oh my goodness, I am typing this in awe. Never have I ever, seen something more beautiful than this! I feel as if I was there after reading and viewing this. Mariah Ashley I do not know you, however you are one talented individual! I met Carmen when she was around 15 and new at BigY with my Auntie Peg, Ioved her then, love her now. I thank this Jason for making her so happy! Congratulations on an unbelievable, magazine worthy magnificent wedding.

  9. Debra Kozikowski says:

    Jason, I’ve always felt you deserve the best in life. Looks as though you’ve found it! Wishing you both love, faith, and friendship for all of your life together. XO

  10. Erica says:

    A beautiful day for two of the most beautiful (inside and out) people I know. Cannot wait to see more pics!
    My fave…. Carmen’s face during Jer’s speech! OMG! Perfect.

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